VIP, Police IG Successfully Resolve Backlog in Police Rice Distribution Nationwide

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a commendable display of effective leadership and cooperation, Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police, William Fayai Sellu, alongside the highly dynamic Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bella Trading Company, Ahmed Hashim – better known as VIP – a significant achievement has been reached in resolving the successful end to backlog issue concerning the distribution of Police rice nationwide. Through this synergy, the issue of backlog, with regards to the supply of rice to Police Officers will become a thing of the past.

VIP’s remarkable contribution has successfully addressed this issue, with his actions earning him immense respect and admiration from both junior and senior members of the Force for Good. Notably, as the first contractor in the history of the SLP to eliminate the backlog in rice distribution among the diligent security personnel, VIP’s reputation has been held in high regard.

In an exclusive interview with this medium, Ahmed H. Hashim, the CEO of VIP Trading Company, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Government, particularly the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Led Government, for its unwavering commitment to prioritize the security sector’s welfare.

He pledged to maintain the company’s dedication to achieving exceptional success and setting a benchmark within the industry under his leadership.

VIP affirmed his readiness to continue contributing positively to the lives of Police Officers, demonstrating his unswerving support for their wellbeing.

It is on record that Ahmed Hashim’s unwavering determination to ensure timely and high-quality rice supply has raised the bar in the history of rice distribution to security personnel.

Sierra Leoneans have also heaped praises on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), William Fayai Sellu, characterizing him as a transformational figure within the Sierra Leone Police Force. His leadership has not only instilled discipline among officers but has also propelled efforts to elevate the Police Force’s welfare, marking a progressive direction for the organization.

Under IGP Sellu’s leadership, the Police Force has undergone remarkable transformation, particularly in the domain of rice supply to officers across the country. Police Officers have expressed their satisfaction with the appointment of Ahmed Hashim, widely known as VIP, as the rice supplier. His collaboration with IGP Sellu has effectively curbed the backlog issue, earning him praise for his capabilities and dedication.

VIP’s exceptional commitment is highlighted by the fact that he has become the first contractor to provide each Police Officer with six bags of rice at once, effectively putting an end to the backlog issue in Police rice distribution nationwide.

His credibility is firmly established among both junior and senior officers, as he has consistently ensured a steady supply of rice, boosting the morale of the Police Force.

In hushed conversations, Police Officers have endorsed VIP as the ideal candidate for the Police rice contract, commending his impeccable track record. They implore the Executive Management Board (EMB) of the Sierra Leone Police, under the guidance of IGP Sellu, to continue collaborating with VIP due to his demonstrated ability to exceed expectations, surpassing any contractor in the Sierra Leone Police’s history.

VIP remains resolute in his commitment to ensure that Police Officers consistently receive their mandated monthly rations, in line with the law, fostering effective and efficient service delivery within the Sierra Leone Police Force which is known as the “Force 4 Good.”

This successful resolution of the Police rice backlog issue stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and effective leadership in promoting the welfare of the security sector.


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