Yatta Rose Children’s Foundation Launched

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By Foday Moriba Conteh

During a well-attended ceremony held at the premises of Culture Radio at Grafton in Freetown, on the 29th January 2022, the Lead Campaigner for Sick Pikin Project, Ishmael Alfred Charles, officially launched the Yatta Rose Children’s Foundation.

The Foundation, which is geared towards providing support to the   less privileged and needy children in the country was named after the first daughter of the Chief Executive Officer.

In her address, the Chief Executive Officer of the Yatta Rose Children’s Foundation, Kula Kaikai, pointed out that the Foundation was established in  a  bid  to  complement  the  efforts  of  international  humanitarian organisations  that  provide  humanitarian support  for the   needy, disable  and  the  less privileged in the country.

Speaking on their activities so far, she noted that during the Corona outbreak in the country, the Foundation embarked on a  Corona Sensitization drive to create awareness in all after  series of   challenges with the Corona outbreak.

She informed the gathering that before  establishing the   Foundation she has been  a  woman  of  passion  for  education of which she has been providing financial assistances  in the  form of  awarding scholarships  to support  pupils  and  students  from different  unknown backgrounds who cannot  afford  to pay for  their  education .

Speaking on the mission and vision of the Foundation Kula Kaikai said that the mission of the Foundation is to empower children and deprived communities to advance academically, economically in order to be well placed in society with a vision to support the underprivileged in terms   of education, shelter, food, health and change the lives of the ordinary   people.

She also disclosed that in December ever year the Foundation will organize parties and dinners for children  geared towards their development, adding that those events normally start with a jogging exercise   and a face to face meeting with the disable, (blind, deaf, dumb and the less privileged), followed by the  donation of food and non-food items to them.

The CEO concluded by stating that they are very proud to officially launch the Foundation maintaining that it will definitely serve as a motivation to them in their continuous support towards children in the country.

Launching the Foundation, the Lead Campaigner for Sick Pikin Project, Ishmael Alfred Charles, expressed appreciation to the Yatta Rose Children’s Foundation for their commitment towards supporting less privileged children in the country, adding that the move to complement the efforts of the Government and other organizations that provide humanitarian support for the   needy, disabled and the less privilege in the country is indeed a laudable venture.

Ishmael Alfred Charles said that there are so many issues faced by children in the country and that those issues cannot be addressed by only one organization but said with more organizations coming on board and with collaboration those issues if not eradicated completely but will be mitigated making it possible for children to live a decent lives in the country.

He encouraged the members of the Foundation to continue on the basis on which the Foundation was established further urging them to be open in terms of learning new ideas on how to run or manage such a Foundation.

The officially launching of the Foundation by the Lead Campaigner for Sick Pikin Project, Ishmael Alfred Charles climaxed the event followed by the donation of school items to children present during the ceremony.


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