Youths Vow To Kill Ishmael Sesay For Being Gay

Ismael Sesay, on the run

By Edward Vamboi

Report reaching this medium last night indicates that one Ishmael Sesay of Femi Turner Drive, Goderich Village in the Western part of Freetown has escaped to an unknown destination for fear of being killed by community people after being caught in gay related activities on the 24th May 2019.

The Village Headman of Goderich Community, Mustapha Lappia said Ishmael has two friends, a British national working for London Mining Company, Edward James and Ibrahim Kamara.

He said both Ishmael and Ibrahim were watching football match at the latter’s residence when Edward James joined them. He said Ibrahim left them to buy food to a nearby community when Edward started romancing and kissing Ishmael inside the room.

The Chief said when Ibrahim returned few hours later, he met both men romancing and kissing which did not go down well with Ibrahim. He said Ibrahim immediately raised an alarm in the community and dozens of youth stormed the room.

He said both Ishmael and Edward succeeded to escape. He said Edward went with his car while Ishmael sought refuge to his elder sister.

He said Ishmael was later apprehended after the information went round that he was seeking refuge at his sister’s residence.

The irate youths according to the Chief took Ishmael to an unfinished building where he was tied. He disclosed that the angry youths started beating him mercilessly until he became unconscious. The Village Headman said the irate youths who were deployed to guard him that night were busy drinking alcohol and smoking canabis sativa.

The Chief said other youths were debating whether to kill Ishmael that night or to hand him over to the police for investigation and prosecution.

In Sierra Leone, anybody caught, charged to court and found guilty of practicing gay or lesbianism, the individual will be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

The Chief said it was during the discussion whether to kill him or hand him over to the police that Ishmael succeeded to escape at midnight to an unknown destination.

A senior member of the family Mohamed Sesay said since Ishmael Sesay escaped, nobody knows his whereabout.

Mr. Sesay has expressed serious concern about his safety and security.

Meanwhile the youths have vowed to kill Ishmael Sesay if caught for practicing gay in the community contrary to the traditional, religious and national laws governing the country.

“We will not spear Ishmael Sesay’s life. We will kill him for practicing gay in our community contrary to our laws. We will set an example for others not to imitate him. It is completely forbidden for anybody to practice this act in the country,” some of the youths were quoted to have said.



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