10 Limba Churches Receive 200 Bags of Rice from Mabohanday Organisation


By Esther Wright

In a humanitarian gesture, from the 22nd  to 25th December 2019  the Mabohanday Organization, a non-profitable cultural entity formed in 1982 by a group of Sierra Leoneans belonging to the Limba tribe in Sierra Leone but currently residing in the USA donated 200 (two hundred) bags of rice to 10 (ten) Limba churches across the capital, Freetown.

The distribution in the 10 Limba Churches include 30 bags in First Street, 20 bags in Fourah Bay, 20 bags in Kissy, 20 bangs in Wellington, 20 bags in Congo Cross, 15 bags in Moeba, 20 bags in Lumley, 20 bags in Goderich, 15 bags in Nicole Terrace and 20 bags in Faith Assembly Bible Church.

Meanwhile, this humanitarian gesture resonates perfectly with Sierra Leone’s religious tolerance as the Organisation earlier in June 2019 donated 135 bags of rice to 6 Limba mosques across Freetown.

The mosques at the time included Majid Amin on Sanders Street, Masjid Salam at Brookfields, Masjid Baiti  Nurr on Peacock Lane Fourah Bay Community, Limba Mosque on Taylor Street, Masjid Imadu Deen at Kuntorloh and Masjid Isha on Palmer Street in Wellington.

Meanwhile, though, Mabohanday is a Limba organization that helps everyone irrespective of tribe or religion. This is why Mabohanday has been helping Muslim and Christians in Sierra Leone with issues regarding scholarship to students and supporting the construction or renovation of mosques.

The organization, according to its vision statement was borne out of the desire to bring together people of Limba descent, to work for the development of the tribe in particular and Sierra Leone on a broader scope.

The organization’s main vision is to build a stronger Limba community within and outside Sierra Leone, with a mission to preserve, enhance and perpetuate the unique and distinctive cultural and traditional values of the tribe.

Consequently the organization scored accomplishments in the areas of providing medical gloves and other medical items to hospitals in Sierra Leone; provide scholarships, textbooks and other school items to schools and colleges in Sierra Leone. It also provided cash donation to support mudslide and flood victims in Sierra Leone and has been providing financial and humanitarian aid to mosques and churches in Sierra Leone.

The organization aims to continue supporting community development projects geared towards alleviation of poverty and human suffering in Sierra Leone.

Mabohanday currently has about 500 members in 8 states in the USA and also in U.K.


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