13 Incarcerated & 2Cleared in Port Loko Judicial Ruling

Resident High Court Judge in Port Loko District, Justice Abdul Sheriff, has handed down convictions resulting in the imprisonment of  38 years old, James Mohamed Sesay  and a dozen other offenders on account of various transgressions.

James Mohamed Sesay, hailing from Kamabala Village in the Tonko Limba Chiefdom within the Port Loko Judicial District, stood trial for the grave charge of Murder as stipulated by the law.

Representing the defendant, the Legal Aid Board’s Defense Counsel, Mohamed Korie Esq., filed a motion to downgrade the charge to Manslaughter. The Judge acceded to this request, leading to the charge’s amendment and the defendant’s subsequent admission of guilt.

In his judicial pronouncement, Justice Abdul Sheriff ,imposed a twenty-year custodial sentence upon the perpetrator, James Mohamed Sesay. Furthermore, Justice Sheriff meted out a life sentence to Fatmata Barybeh, who was found guilty of committing Murder according to legal provisions.

In parallel, the Justice found three defendants guilty of Burglary and Larceny, two for the Conspiracy to commit a felony, two for the commission of Store Breaking and Larceny, one individual convicted of Robbery with Violence, another individual found guilty of Wounding with Intent, and a solitary individual sentenced to a concurrent three-year imprisonment for Larceny Cattle.

Justice Abdul Sheriff concluded by acquitting two individuals among the accused.

The litigation proceedings were spearheaded by State Counsel Ibrahim Tholley.


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