NP (SL) Stresses Daily Safety Vigilance in World Day for Safety & Health Commemoration

By Amin Kef (Ranger)
NP Sierra Leone Limited took to the streets in a show of commitment to workplace safety and health, aligning with the global observation of World Safety and Health at Work Day. This year’s theme, “Impacts of Climate Change on Occupational Safety and Health,” spotlighted the pressing issue of how environmental changes affect work environments, a topic of particular relevance to the oil industry.
The event drew a crowd that included NP’s management and staff, bulk road vehicle (BRV) drivers, local media, and members of the Kissy Shell community. Demonstrating their dedication to the cause, participants organized a symbolic march from the Lower Shell Kissy main junction to the NP terminal, underscoring the unity in their mission for safer workplaces.
Post-march, the assembly was addressed by a series of speakers who delved into the day’s theme, sharing insights on the nexus between climate change and occupational safety. The day was also marked by practical demonstrations on the use of fire extinguishers and gunpoint hoses, highlighting the importance of readiness in emergency situations.
In an exclusive interview with NP’s General Manager, Mr. Saidu Mansaray, emphasized the significance of the observance in fostering a culture of safety that transcends the workplace, reducing injuries and preventing particularly high-risk incidents such as fire outbreaks. Mansaray urged all present to adopt and maintain safe practices consistently, not just at work but also in their homes.
Echoing the day’s purpose, NP’s Senior Operations Engineer, Alhaji Williams, reiterated that the ethos of safety should be an everyday practice, not limited to annual commemorations. Williams specifically called on BRV drivers to engage in responsible driving and heed road signs, championing the mantra, “your safety is my safety.”
Alhaji Williams, stressed the need for heightened awareness and implementation of safety regulations, particularly in light of recent accidents. Williams expressed appreciation for the efforts of law enforcement agencies in ensuring safety.
Alfred Koroma, a driver with NP, articulated a personal commitment to safety with practical advice for his peers, “Petrol is dangerous and fire is its biggest risk,” he cautioned, advising regular vehicle maintenance and the use of safety gear as non-negotiable standards.
NP Sierra Leone’s commemoration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to the well-being of its employees and the communities it serves, while also highlighting the broader implications of climate change on occupational safety.


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