By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a significant show of appreciation, the Women’s Forum Network Sierra Leone, the pre-eminent alliance of women organizations in the nation, has paid a cordial visit to Dr. Turad Senesie, who has been reappointed as the Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning purposely to extend heartfelt congratulations and pledge unwavering support for his continuation in office.

The Forum strongly maintains that President Bio’s decision to retain Dr. Senesie is well-justified, attributed to his remarkable accomplishments in mitigating land disputes and propelling reforms for the empowerment of women in the realm of land affairs.

In the course of their visit, the Women’s Forum Network Sierra Leone commended Dr. Senesie for his exceptional contributions to addressing protracted land conflicts that have long afflicted the nation.

According to them, employing innovative strategies and inclusive policies, the Minister has made remarkable headway in fostering tranquility, security and sustainable progress across Sierra Leone.

The Minister’s unwavering dedication to establishing an enabling milieu for every citizen, particularly women, has garnered extensive acknowledgment and applause.

Additionally, the Women’s Forum Network Sierra Leone seized the occasion to hail President Bio for his praiseworthy choice in appointing Ms. Phylis Kapu, a female Deputy, in the realm of land administration. The Forum contends that Ms. Kapu’s designation not only underscores the administration’s commitment to gender parity but also acknowledges women’s pivotal role in land management.

Armed with profound expertise, Ms. Kapu is well-poised to furnish invaluable support to Minister Senesie and champion women’s concerns within the Ministry.

The Women’s Forum Network Sierra Leone avowed their conviction that the collaborative endeavors of Minister Senesie and Deputy Minister Kapu will usher in further affirmative changes within the land domain. Their leadership will undoubtedly amplify the execution of policies that target gender disparities, advocate for women’s land entitlements, and empower women’s active engagement in land-linked decision-making procedures.

Noteworthy is the fact that gender parity and women’s empowerment are foundational requisites for the attainment of sustainable growth. By engaging women in land administration and guaranteeing their unbiased access to and authority over land resources, Sierra Leone can unleash the formidable potential of its female populace. This comprehensive approach is poised to contribute substantially to the reduction of poverty, preservation of societal equilibrium and holistic national development.

On behalf of all women’s consortiums within the nation, the Women’s Forum Network Sierra Leone pledges unwavering support to Minister Senesie and Deputy Minister Kapu as they continue to revolutionize the land sector. They passionately encouraged all stakeholders, including civil society entities, developmental collaborators, and the general populace, to rally behind the Ministry’s initiatives and actively participate in the pursuit of gender-sensitive land administration in Sierra Leone.

The Women’s Forum Network Sierra Leone remains firmly committed to collaborate with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning as well as other stakeholders, with the aim of propelling gender parity, women’s empowerment and sustainable land governance. Together, a brighter future for every citizen, regardless of gender, can be forged, culminating in a thriving and all-encompassing Sierra Leone.



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