47,000 Participants Register for 105th Edition of Walk of the World in Netherlands

By Karifa Thoronka

In a remarkable display of enthusiasm for sport and exercise, a staggering 47,000 individuals from 77 different nationalities have registered for this year’s Walk of the World, the largest multiple day marching event in the world. The event, now in its 105th edition, is set to take place from Tuesday, July 18th to Friday, July 21st, 2023 in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Participants of all ages and backgrounds will embark on a four-day journey through Nijmegen, covering distances of 30km, 40km, or 50km daily, depending on their age or gender. Upon completion, each participant will receive a coveted royally approved medal as a testament to their accomplishment.

Of the 47,000 registered participants, an overwhelming majority consists of 40,778 civilians, while 6,222 military personnel have also signed up to take part. Among the civilian participants, 2,183 individuals hail from the Netherlands, with an impressive 3,550 individuals representing countries from around the globe. The remaining 489 participants come from smaller contingents.

Notably, the Walk of the World prides itself on inclusivity, allowing individuals from all walks of life to join in the event. Among this year’s participants are 22 wheelchair users who are ready to conquer the challenging route. Additionally, there are 259 participants born in 2011, including 150 males and 109 females, representing a gender distribution of 58% and 42% respectively.

Karifa Thoronka, the only accredited journalist from Sierra Leone covering the event, has urged individuals to register and take part in this extraordinary experience. Thoronka, who also serves as the Executive Director of the Residential Elderly Care Foundation, emphasized the event’s positive impact on health and the opportunity to make new friends from around the world. Notably, he highlighted the absence of age restrictions, underscoring the event’s accessibility to individuals of all age groups.

The Walk of the World, a testament to the power of camaraderie, exercise, and international participation, is set to captivate the city of Nijmegen and inspire participants as they embark on this incredible four-day journey.


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