NPSE Results Out, Showcasing Increase in Entries and Girls’ Achievements

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The 2023 National Primary School Examination (NPSE) results were released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) to the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) on Saturday 15th July 2023.  Currently, result packages are being prepared for forwarding to all schools that entered candidates.

Following a thorough analysis of the results, the MBSSE is delighted to announce several noteworthy findings.

The NPSE witnessed a rise in entries compared to the previous year, with 1,792 more students taking part in the 2023 examination, signifying a 1% increase. This year, the total number of candidates who participated in the NPSE was 163,860, while in 2022, the figure stood at 162,068. Furthermore, the examination results encompassed a broader spectrum of primary schools, totaling 4,790, compared to 4,635 in the previous year. The candidates’ composition consisted of 80,129 boys (48.9%) and 83,731 girls (51.1%), as opposed to 79,617 boys (49.1%) and 82,451 girls (50.9%) in 2022.

Out of the total number of candidates, 163,685 students (comprising 83,640 girls and 80,045 boys) took at least one subject in the 2023 NPSE. However, 175 candidates (91 girls and 84 boys) were absent for all subjects.

The highest aggregate T-score achieved in the 2023 NPSE was an outstanding 339. An impressive 133,129 candidates (including 67,848 girls and 65,281 boys) successfully passed the NPSE this year, compared to 131,433 candidates in 2022 (comprising 65,152 boys and 66,281 girls). These passing candidates obtained aggregate scores equal to or above the cut-off score of 230 stipulated by the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education. Consequently, the overall pass rate for the 2023 NPSE reached 81.3%, with boys achieving a pass rate of 81.6% and girls achieving 81.1%. The pass rates are slightly higher than those of 2022, which recorded an overall pass rate of 81.2% and a girls’ pass rate of 80.5%. It is worth noting that although the girls’ pass rate in 2023 was slightly lower than that of the boys, more girls both participated in and passed the examination compared to boys.

Among the top performers in the 2023 NPSE, it is noteworthy that 8 out of 11 students, accounting for 73% of the total, were girls. These exceptional individuals, listed below along with their respective schools, exhibited remarkable academic prowess:

1.Davies Floydalin-Female-Murray-Deen Preparatory School
2.Davies Floyd, Male, Murray-Deen Preparatory School
3.Saffa Siam Deborah, Female, Murray-Deen Preparatory School
4.Tairu Haja Z., Female, Apex Int/nal Pri. Sch., Bolling St., Kingtom
5.Crowther Malia E.S., Nenneh’s Pri.Sch., Campbell St.
6.Benjamin Bamijoko Gloria F, S.O.S.Herman Gmeiner, Lumley
7.Kamara Abubakarr, Male, Murray-Deen Preparatory School
8.Carew Abibatu A. J., Female, Yamakai Action Prep., Fatta Rahman Street
9.Nasralla Nefertiti C., Female, Apex Int/Nal Pri. Sch. Bolling St., Kingtom
10.Lambert Sophie I.R., Female, The International School Ltd., (Primary)
11.Sawaneh Alusine Morlai, Male, Troy Tilkaran Pri.Sch., Kamsondo

The exceptional achievements by female students highlight their dedication and commitment to academic excellence.

The release of the 2023 NPSE results marks a significant milestone in the educational landscape, showcasing an increase in entries and the remarkable accomplishments of female candidates. The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education applauds the students’ achievements and reaffirms its commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment for all students in the nation.



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