On Friday 15t March 2019 Munafa M’patie Federation and Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization Center (SLOIC), with funding from Child Fund Sierra Leone, have successfully held a graduation ceremony for 80 deprived youths, in different Technical and Vocational skills at the Wusum Hotels, Teko Road Makeni City.
Munafa M”patie Federation, a local implementing organization for Child Fund operating in three chiefdoms in the Bombali district formally unveiled 80 skilled grandaunts from the SLOIC in Makeni who had successfully completed their respective empowerment trainings at a colourful ceremony held at the Wusum Hotel Conference Hall with the Child Fund Country Manager in attendance.
Programs Manager of MunafaM’patie Federation, Mr. Musa Sanu Konteh, in his statement disclosed that they are currently working with Six thousand One Hundred (6,100) children in over Fifty (50) villages. This according to him was made possible through support from Child Fund.
Mr. Konteh continued that they believe that the enhancement of better skills training for the youths would lead towards decent work, a more equitable and inclusive growth and further build on the bridge between education and the labour market. ‘’ Quality and relevant vocational education and training can provide people especially youth, with the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the jobs of today and tomorrow,’’ Mr. Konteh emphasized.
He encouraged the graduates to complete the circle of the bold decisions that they have taken, in order to improve their lives, that of their families and the respective communities that they are coming from. He called on them to ensure that they put to practice all that they have learnt and also maintain the certificates they have received.
Reverend John Sembeka, Principal SLOIC stated that Government has recognized the pivotal role of skills training in the country’s development process. He noted skills training remain very pivotal in increasing their chances for employment.
The Principal re-echoed the numerous benefits, respect and employment opportunities that await them as a result of the various fields they have chosen as careers. He further encouraged them to be job creators themselves rather than waiting on Government or bigger companies to employ them.
The relevance of vocational skills training was the center piece in almost all the presentations in the well-attended ceremony. The Country Director of Child Fund, Mr. James Pimundu, had differed with other speakers and spoke on the power inherent in the individual to make decisions and choices independent of family ,tribe or country. ‘’ Life is the choices one make and so there will be two different outcomes for those that will start work immediately tomorrow, and those of you that will be in the market tomorrow to sell your start up kits,’’ Mr. Pimundu affirmed.
The Child Fund Country Director challenged the graduates to stand firm against all the odds and make informed decisions because they can only mold their worlds themselves.
Josephine Kamara one of the graduates from the Catering department thanked the entire staff and Management of SLOIC, for passing what he had described as an everlasting knowledge to them. She applauded the courage and time of staff members of Munafa M’patie which had provided them with the courage to concentrate and acquire the various skills they have learnt.
The Lion share of the commendations was however reserved for Child Fund. They were described as the drivers behind all the successes and achievements of the program .She thanked all the thousand friends that have been saving their little to ensure that they better their own lives.
The ceremony ended with smiles and laughter on the faces of all the graduates as they received their certificates and start up kits, with the exception of the Welding Department. Camera flashes were seen all around as the graduates took photos with their families and loved ones in their shiny black robes.


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