Abdulai Fornah Escapes from replacing his late Father as a Poro Member

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The Missing Abdulai Fornah

By Karifa Thoronka

Report reaching this media says that Abdulai Fornah who is the first son of the late Pa Abdurrahman Fornah in Makaba village has escaped for refusing to be initiate into the Poro society. According to the traditional and cultural laws of Sierra Leone, Abdulai Fornah being the first son of his late Father Pa Abdurrahman Fornah is destined to succeed the position of his father as the Poro society member to continue the linage.

After a successful burial of his father, members of the Poro Secret Society demanded that he (Abdulai Fornah) be prepared to replace his father as the new member of the society and must undergo robust initiation ceremony.

There was a physical confrontation and in no time, a group of the Poro secret society descended on Abdulai Fornah, overpowered him and dragged him to a think forest reported to be the secret shrine of the Poro society where he was subjected to the initiate stage of initiation. Abdulai Fornah reported that the process was inhuman, barbaric, painful and unenduring. By stroke of luck, he managed to escape after burning the shrine believing it will stop the initiation ceremony.

While explaining to the press a brother of Abdulai Fornah, who refused for his name to be mentioned, noted that his brother Abdulai Fornah might have traversed through dangerous terrain to escape the Secret Society initiation.

Referencing experiences, one of the son of the soil Mohamed Kamara revealed that two young men has lost their lives to forceful initiations in the same village, noting that the two young men were student who visited the village on holidays.

Until press time, a close friend of Abdulai Fornah says that the search for Abdulai is still ongoing as members of the society are still harassing family members to the extent that they have been limited from enjoying and attending certain functions in the Village until they produce their Son (Abdulai Fornah). It was revealed by close source that a bounty was place on the head of Abdulai and handsome reward was placed for any person who will show his way about.

What is more of concern in Abdulai’s case is the fact that some of the State holders are part of this Poro Society in the Country which includes Politicians, Police, Military personnel and many others who are still serving as active members.


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