For Miss Orange Makit Uman Pageant… Calaba Town Market Fish Monger Stands Out Among Five Interested Aspirants  

Miss Orange Makit

By Mohamed Jaward Nyallay

Miss Orange Makit Uman contestant, Juliana Kenneh has said her fans like her not just because of her beauty, but for so much more. Kenneh who is representing Calaba Town was speaking in an exclusive interview with influential blogger, Precious Amabel Smith.

“Five of us were up for selection but the people of Calaba Town chose me. They didn’t choose me just because of my beauty, because all of us are beautiful but they saw other qualities in me,” she said.

28-year-old Kanneh is commonly known as Julie Gold in her market. She is a fish monger. Julie is light-skinned, medium height and very cheerful as she speaks on her goals for the competition.

Julie Gold explained that she had a very tough upbringing, having to leave school at an early age because of financial challenges.

“Trading has changed my life, my journey has been a tough one, but thank God,” she said.

She said no matter what happens, she was grateful for the platform Orange has given her.

Julie is very passionate about sanitation in her market, she said that is something she will want to change.

“Our market structure is poor, we don’t have any water to wash cassava leaves, some women have to fetch water from far distance just to wash their products. We need taps, I want us to have two or three taps all over the market. We also need to have a bin for to deal with the flies,” she said.

Winner of the pageant will win Le50million and her market will also get additional Le50million in the form of a project that will be sponsored by Orange Sierra Leone.

At 28, Julie said she might not be back in school even if she wins; she is also a mother of two: “I want to continue my trading, trading has changed my life. I don’t know if I will return back to school because am 28, but I don’t think I am too old to return to school,” a very confident Julie said.

Julie Gold is up against 11 other contestants for the show, she is contestant Number 3, fans can vote for her by dialing *25# on any Orange number.



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