Accused of Illegal Acquisition of Properties… Lawyer Kowa ‘Nails’ Ex-Pres. Koroma

Ernest Bai Koroma

By Brima Sannoh

It has become noticeable that most have lost interest in the proceedings of the Commissions of Inquiry that were set up by the current SLPP led Government to look into areas that have to do with financial impropriety by public officials from the period starting 2007 to 2018 and come up with recommendations.

However, it is worthy of note that the three Commissions of Inquiry established are now in the final phase of wrapping up their work.

On Tuesday January 14th 2020, one of the State Counsels in his final submission to the Justice Bankole Thompson expounded on the illegal acquisition of wealth by former President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Lawyer Robert Kowa, taking his time to delve into the assets of the former President, his official salary for the duration of his Presidency and some other startling revelations, divulged to the public that former President Koroma’s salary for the entire duration of his Presidency was around Le 3.9 billion, but he amassed money in excess of Le 103.9 billion – a sum way above his legal earning.

Lawyer Kowa also disclosed that some houses in the country that were subjects of investigation by the Commission have been linked to the former President. He said even after notices had been put out by the Commission for the owners of those houses to produce documents showing ownership of the properties, they never did, adding that they were said to be former President Koroma’s illegally acquired houses in the name of surrogates. State Counsel Kowa recommended the seizure of the properties and a ban on the former President from holding public office.

Lawyer for the former President, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, was at pains to counter Lawyer Kowa’s very strong position on his client. Lawyer Joseph F. Kamara said his client acquired some earnings through his insurance business and that he indicated that in his asset declaration. The former Attorney General said some of the properties attributed to former President Koroma were properties belonging to other persons who are in possession of conveyances speaking to such.



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