ADORE Project Validates & Develops Monitoring Tools

The European Union-funded Agribusiness Development from Organic Resources (ADORE) Project implemented by Welthungerhilfe Sierra Leone has concluded a two-day Validation and Development of Performance Monitoring Tools at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS) on Wednesday 19th July 2023.

The programme was held at the Planning, Evaluation, Monitoring, Statistics Division (PEMSD) Section with representatives from the Produce Monitoring Board (PMB) forming part of participants.

With support from WHH, the exercise was geared towards strengthening the collection and harmonization of agricultural data in the country.

Speaking on the objectives of the two-day Programme, Assistant Director of MAFS, Umaru Mohamed Sankoh stated that the intervention is timely as they have been yearning for this opportunity.

“We have now established a Technical Working Group through the close collaboration with the PMB to revitalize agricultural data. This workshop has resulted in carving a solid roadmap which will be the basis for future operations,” Mr. Sankoh explained.

Mustapha Nyallay, the Director of PEMSD thanked all participants for allotting time towards the exercise. He expressed thanks to WHH for its positive intervention in the cocoa sector in Sierra Leone to actualize food security in the country.

Mustapha Sheriff, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer of WHH ADORE Project stated that the essence of the meeting is to look at the draft report on the cocoa sector including the analysis on the performance monitoring instruments and adoption of recommendations.

Sheriff maintained that WHH is not out to impose a new system on MAFS and PMB but to consolidate information at a given time.

Sahr Thorlie, the Assistant Chief Agriculture Officer of MAFS in his statement encouraged the M&E Officers of MAFS to put premium on data collection on specific products in the coca value chain.

“Looking at the relevance of data to this Ministry, it is necessary we put structures and measures in place for continuity and how we can build on these existing structures,” he stated.

John Kamara, the Director of Crops in the MAFS stated that the Report done by the Consultant should capture the roles of agricultural NGOs in the sector.

“The setting up of an Information Repository and access to it should also be considered as the Ministry places so much importance on information,” Kamara said.

Osman Alpha Kamara of the Produce Monitoring Board (PMB) explained the various procedures in exporting cocoa to other countries. He noted the numerous challenges faced by local farmers and PMB in data collection as they are understaffed across the country.

Abdul Kadir Turay, the Quality Control Manager of PMB expressed thanks to WHH for creating the timely platform for close collaboration between the two institutions.

“This will help us synchronize agricultural data from production on to marketing and provide a clear roadmap for action points in achieving the set goals,” Turay stated.

The two-day meeting was concluded with Action Points agreed on by PMB and MAFS in further strengthening agricultural data collection and providing field training for local farmers and other players in the sector to boost productivity.


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