Africa Global Logistics SL Offers Iftar to Moa Wharf and Seaside Communities

In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility, Africa Global Logistics Sierra Leone (AGL) made a significant donation of cooking items to the Moa Wharf and Seaside communities on Thursday, 14th March 2024, in support of Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan. The donation, which included essential food supplies such as 50kg bags of rice, cube maggie, tomato paste, vegetable cooking oil, sugar, and bags of onions, aimed to provide assistance and sustenance to those in need during this auspicious time.

Speaking at the company’s compound in Cline Town, Freetown, Patrick B Sannoh, the Health, Safety, and Environment Manager at AGL Sierra Leone, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting the communities in which they operate. He highlighted that the annual partnership with Moa Wharf and Seaside communities reflects AGL’s dedication to giving back and supporting those who are impacted by their operations. Sannoh emphasized the importance of recognizing and assisting deprived communities, especially considering the economic challenges faced by many in the country.

The Chairman of Moa Wharf community, Abu Bakarr Barrie, expressed heartfelt gratitude to AGL for their continuous acts of kindness towards the residents of his community. Barrie noted that while such donations have been provided in the past, the impact and significance remain invaluable, particularly during these times of economic hardship.

He emphasized the dire living conditions in the community, where many individuals struggle to make ends meet on less than $1 USD per day, making AGL’s contributions even more vital.

Similarly, Lamin Koroma, the Chairman of the Seaside Community, echoed appreciation for AGL’s consistent support over the past five Ramadan seasons. He commended the company’s ongoing efforts to extend a helping hand to those in need and assured proper distribution of the donated cooking items among the residents of Seaside Community. Koroma’s pledge to ensure fair and transparent distribution underscored the importance of ensuring that the donations reach those most in need within the community.

The generous donation by AGL exemplifies the positive impact that corporate entities can have on local communities through their commitment to corporate social responsibility. By recognizing the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by marginalized populations, AGL has demonstrated a deep sense of compassion and solidarity with those in need, especially during significant religious observances such as Ramadan.

As the holy month progresses, the contributions from AGL will undoubtedly serve as a source of hope and sustenance for families in Moa Wharf and Seaside communities, fostering a sense of unity and goodwill among residents. The spirit of giving demonstrated by AGL sets a commendable example for other organizations to follow, emphasizing the importance of supporting and uplifting communities in times of need.

The collaborative efforts between AGL and the Moa Wharf and Seaside communities serve as a testament to the power of partnership in creating positive change and making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals facing hardships. As the beneficiaries express their gratitude and appreciation, the impact of AGL’s donation reverberates throughout the communities, spreading joy and alleviating burdens during this special time of reflection and giving.


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