Africell Announces Ambitious Plan to Construct Afri-city

The Chief Administration Human Resource Officer of Africell-Sierra Leone, Andrew S. Fatorma, has disclosed how most of the company’s members of staff are really challenged with housing problems saying such has been a perennial constraint affecting most of their employees.

He continued that as a company that seeks the welfare of its staff, Africell wants their long serving staff to own their own houses maintaining how their first target is to secure the land which will eventually be developed as long as the company stays in business.

“It’s a loyalty program and employees that have been providing dedicative service to the company for couples of years will be the beneficiaries,” he affirmed.

He continued that during the launch of the project they were able to identify fifty one (51) members of staff that were qualified in terms of years of service spent.

Andrew S. Fatorma also disclosed that the land for the Afri-city is located at the York Village in the Freetown Peninsula adding that the land has been acquired by the company and very soon the staff will be assigned their plots of land disclosing how they will meet all necessary conditions the Government and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require.

“We’re basically looking at large plots by dividing it into various portions and so far we have about seventy four and staff will benefit from these portions,”’ he also revealed.

He reiterated that they will reserve some plots for basic amenities such as a playground, sports club, kids playing ground etc.

According to him, it’s too early to name a price tag adding that the initiative has just started and it’s an ongoing expense with a huge capital that will be beneficial to their employees.

He concluded that the staff of Africell Sierra Leone will be the beneficiaries, adding that it will only be a brand for the company as the employees will be the owners of Afri-city.

The Chief Administration Human Resource Officer noted that the engagement process with the beneficiaries made it quite clear as to how they will be maintaining the Afri-city saying such will be communicated to them as time goes on further adding that as a company one of their goals is to strive to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility.


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