Africell MD Speaks on Successes

Africell, according to numerous surveys conducted country-wide has been rated as the leading telecommunications company that continues to win the hearts and minds of many. Its subscriber base is soaring everyday as the company becomes more endearing to many day in and day out.
In an exclusive interview with Africell’s Managing Director, Shadi Al-Gerjawi he intimated this medium that the operations of the company is tailored by traditional Sierra Leone values underscoring how they put premium on interacting and working closely with residents within the communities in which they function . Al-Gerjawi said they are very much delighted to work in Sierra Leone and do have confidence in the Government and people.
The result-oriented MD disclosed that Africell is committed to be part of any process that is geared towards fostering overall national development.
“The company started offering telecoms services in Sierra Leone in 2005 and our mission is to connect and empower local communities,” he maintained adding that they will continue to stay on course. He further highlighted how aggressive marketing strategies will be applied in order to achieve more successes within the telecommunications industry in the country.
“Since commencement of operation in 2005 the company has grown exponentially and we are determined to accelerate the pace so that we offer the latest innovations to our cherished subscribers,” he expressed optimism noting that their efficiency has been recognized through being awarded prestigiously by certain organisations in the country..
The CEO revealed that they are offering qualitative voice calls, 3G and 4G services with a multitude of technology-enabled value-added services (VAS), mobile money, micro insurance and microcredit services,.
Touching on Africell’s Corporate Social Responsibility the erudite Shadi Al-Gerjawi stated it is premised on availing residents in various communities basic amenities and services that will improve standards of living, emphasising on how they do so on a fair basis.
According to him, Africell pro-actively promotes health awareness campaigns including: breast cancer, proper hygiene measures, and AIDS prevention adding that the company will continue to sponsor clinics in rural remote areas promoting universal access to health facilities, that it will partner with other stakeholders to combat infant malaria through regular distribution of mosquito nets .
The CEO pointed out they were quick to respond in rendering support to fight against the ebola epidemic through the launch of the “one Leone per minute” campaign, which resulted in 50,000 kg of rice distributed so far and 50,000 kg that continued every month until the end of the outbreak.
Shadi proudly said they were glad to be part of the recently concluded Housemates Salone TV Reality Show collaborating with the African Young Voices Media Empire to stage the entertainment competition. “We are very committed to enhance Youth Empowerment always ready to provide the platform and resources to tap their potentials because they have capabilities to contribute meaningfully to development in communities and the nation as a whole,” he stated with determination.
During a short but impressive ceremony held at AYV Head office where cheques of Le100, 000,000 and Le50, 000,000 were handed over to Kechine Palmer and Monica Garliwa respectively, winner and runner-up of Housemates Salone, Shadi said the 2019 Reality TV show was a project for Africell and AYV disclosing that it was very challenging to meet with the demands of the public, especially in the technical area, making sure that the show becomes interesting. He informed how they have now started to work on the next coming event.


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