Africell Sierra Leone Launches Freetown Marathon 2022

As it Unveils “Kip Am Klin” Initiative…

Africell Sierra Leone

By Foday Moriba Conteh

During a well-attended ceremony held on Wednesday 9th November, 2022 at Lumley Beach Road in Freetown, Africell Sierra Leone , officially launched its Freetown Marathon 2022 powered by Africell Impact Foundation and Afrimoney.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Executive Officer of Africell, Shadi Gerjawi, revealed that the Marathon is an initiative of the Africell Impact Foundation under the health pillar, which is designed to promote healthy lifestyles, well-being and sport, adding that the Marathon is open to all; young and old, professional and Amateur, boys and girls, men and women.

“As a company, we have through our CSR supported several health and sports initiatives.  And to show how committed we are to continuously support healthy living, connecting with our subscribers we’re hosting the biggest Freetown Marathon,” he revealed.

Shadi Gerjawi further thanked the team from Street Child for bringing their expertise on board to power the organization of the Marathon maintaining that they cherish the partnership and will continue to support, especially the hosting of their yearly Street Child Marathon.

Country Director of Street Child, Kelfa Kargbo, thanked Africell for their support and for being there for them. He maintained that they are there to ensure that the Africell Freetown marathon is successful.

A representative from the Ministry of Sports, Harounekorjie, said that sports means a lot in the life of people, especially when it comes to health. He then congratulated Africell for such a meaningful initiative, and encouraged Africell to continue to support the Sport Ministry.

Media Manager of Africell, John Konteh,in his contribution, encouraged residents in the country to register for the Africell Freetown Marathon 2022 by using the short CODE *277#, adding that there are various categories that members of the public can register for in order to participate in the Marathon.

The Legal and Compliance Manager, Hajaratu Turay said that earlier this year they launched the Africell Impact Foundation which marked an exciting start to creating a single strategic framework of all their cultural and community work, stating that as a business, they take their responsibility to individuals, communities, and by extension Sierra Leone very seriously asking for nothing in return.

He maintained that Africell Impact Foundation focuses on 3 key impact areas which include: Education and Entrepreneurship, Art Culture and Heritage, Sports, Health, and Well-Being promoting active lifestyles Providing health-related information and resources helping talented athletes fulfill their potentials.

Closing the ceremony was the officially launching of the Africell Freetown Marathon 2022 by stakeholders present at the ceremony.

In another development, the company on Thursday 10th November, 2022 also launched Africell’s “Kip Am Klin” Initiative which was borne out of the desire to support communities all over Sierra Leone to nurture and preserve a healthy ecosystem.

Making a statement during the ceremony, the Legal and Compliance Manager, Hajaratu Turay, said that with the initiative, Africell hopes to alert, support and educate communities about the alarming deterioration of our environment and how we can work together to preserve it.

She said that they are devoted to promoting a clean and conducive environment because, as an institution, they are fully aware that their existence depends significantly on interaction with the environment, adding that Africell has, over the years, supported communities and, most recently, provided cleaning materials to various communities across the country, including the Crab Town Community through Save the Beach Organization, the Head Woman other key community stakeholders.

She pointed out that Sierra Leone’s potential is vast, therefore, Africell is reaffirming its commitment to “Kip Am Klin” around the Lumley beach area and all communities within Sierra Leone.

“This is the beginning of many interventions Africell will take to ensure a clean beach environment, City and a clean Sierra Leone that will hugely contribute to socioeconomic development and attract sustainable tourism. Finally, the Kip Am Klin initiative would resound Sierra Leone’s pride in being the home to the most beautiful beaches in the world,” she concluded.





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