Africell-SL Presents 300 M Old Leones as Grand Prize to Winner of Win Kopo Promotion


By Alvin Lansana Kargbo  

In a dazzling event that unfolded on November 30th, 2023, Africell-SL, the leading Mobile Network Operator in Sierra Leone presented a gleaming grand prize of 300 million Old Leones to the lucky winner of its Win Kopo Promotion Show. The grand prize, a biannual highlight of the Win Kopo Show, was claimed by Massah Sesay, a petty trader who emerged as the first victor in this thrilling promotion.

The official handover ceremony was held at Africell’s headquarters in Wilberforce, Freetown. Jarai Bah, the charismatic show presenter, and a representative from Africell extended her heartfelt congratulations to Massah Sesay on her remarkable win.

During the ceremony, Jarai elaborated on the multitude of prizes available in the Win Kopo promotion, including daily cash prizes of 300 thousand Old Leones for two lucky subscribers, weekly cash prizes of 6 million Old Leones for one subscriber, and the grand prize of 300 million Old Leones, bestowed upon one fortunate winner every six months.

To qualify for the Win Kopo promotion, participants are required to engage in specific activities. For the daily draw, individuals must purchase phone top-ups, while for the weekly draw, customers must dial *4888# after topping up. Upon dialing the code, subscribers are presented with a series of questions. The more correct answers provided, the higher the accumulated points, increasing one’s chances of qualifying for the grand draw held every six months.

The first lucky recipient of the grand draw, Massah Sesay, a resident of Freetown, expressed her gratitude to the Management and Staff of Africell for their generous gesture. She shared the simple steps that led to her winning the grand prize: topping up her phone and diligently dialing *4888#, following the instructions, and answering the trivial questions.

Recalling the moment she received the life-changing call from Africell, she admitted to being initially shocked, having waited eagerly for the news. She took the opportunity to encourage fellow subscribers to trust the process and participate actively in the Win Kopo promotion. Her advice to her fellow subscribers was straightforward: buy top-ups, engage in the promotion, and increase the chances of becoming the next lucky winner.

Africell-SL continues to strengthen its bond with the Sierra Leonean community through initiatives like the Win Kopo Promotion Show, fostering excitement, engagement, and the potential for life-changing opportunities for its valued subscribers.

As the first grand prize of the Win Kopo Promotion Show finds a new home with Massah Sesay, the anticipation for the next draw begins to build across the nation.


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