Afrimoney Partners with Commerce & Mortgage Bank to Provide Financial Services

Afrimoney Partners

By Foday Moriba Conteh

An appendage of Africell-SL, Afrimoney, on Wednesday 28th September, 2022    integrated with the Commerce and Mortgage Bank (CMB) during an event that was held at the Africell Headquarters on Wilberforce, in Freetown.

The Executive Director of Commerce and Mortgage Bank, Velma Labor recalled that in 2016 CMB was granted license which positioned the Bank to better compete in the financial ecosystem. She spoke about the change of name from HFC Mortgage and Savings (Mr. Mortgage) to its current name.

According to the Executive Director, CMB embarked on a digital transformation journey with the objective of becoming the best digital bank in Sierra Leone.

“It is in line with this very objective which is why we are here today partnering with Afrimoney,” she intimated.

She, however, stated that the need for interoperability in ensuring a cashless economy cannot be overemphasized.

“It is against this backdrop we decided to collaborate with Afrimoney to provide our customers with the popular demand for a Bank2Wallet and Wallet2Bank seamless money transfer and payment system using the Afrimoney wallet platform, ” the Executive Director added.

Afrimoney Director, Mattison Obeng-Agyei, expressed joy on behalf of the team for doing business with CMB. He continued that Afrimoney is an easy way to access money from your phone and do transactions to the bank.

Obeng-Agyei continued that it is also the simplest and most conducive ways of doing transactions like before you have to walk into a bank and do transaction of Le20.

According to him, “He said if people can work from home that means people can bank from home and keep business going.”

He furthered that they compete just to work hand in hand in order to satisfy their customers to achieve their better future.

Obeng-Agyei pointed out that some of the banks first think that they are in competition with the mobile money company, but now they have seen the reason that they are just a Mobile money platform.

He said the core products of the banks today do not exist, because they leave the bank to do what the banks are mandated to do and the banks has the best capability to do.

“The banks rely on us to provide technological services that they are able to bring forward, so they can make their existence possible together and satisfy their customers,” he pointed out.

He stated that they always say Customer service, customer care, and love for the customers but said those are services they need to put forward and to collaborate consistently.

He said they are happy for the partnership, and they will stop at nothing to make it possible adding that the best things will be come out if they only innovate maintaining that the bank and the Mobile money organization can only create an impact solidly if they work with each other to create new things.

The Afrimoney Director stated that with your phone you can access your bank account, and do what you want to do with your account. He maintained that the partnership also means that any customer can save any amount of money and use any amount of money at any time.










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