Ahmed Kamara Declared Wanted For Practicing Gay

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Ahmed Kamara

By Alpha Sesay

The increasing reports of isolated physical attacks on persons found to be gay seem to have no end in sight as the recent case of Ahmed Kamara indicates.

News intimated this medium revealed that in Bamoi Luma, Kambia District Northern Province of Sierra Leone, stakeholders and youths of that District have mounted a round the clock search for Ahmed Kamara who is now declared wanted.

According to a resident of Bamoi who identified herself as Amie Kamara an Aunty of Ahmed Kamara said the latter had been very secretive about his sexual orientation since he met with Abdul Akim Ahmed a Nigerian businessman that imports various items and also owns a warehouse at Lumley Street, Freetown where Ahmed was also doing business; and who Ahmed Kamara was dating with and that were caught red-handed having sex in a guest house in Bamoi.

According to an in-depth investigation mounted by this medium, Ahmed hails from an Islamic background and was living in Freetown with his family regularly praying at the Temne Central Mosque, Old field Street, presided over by the late Sheik Alhaji Ibrahim Kamara who was the father of Ahmed Kamara and the then Chief Imam of the Temne Central Mosque.

According to a family source, Ahmed was doing business in Freetown where possibly he could have met with Abdul Akim Ahmed who befriended him. Ahmed was believed to have been accompanying him in some business dealings and it was during that time the businessman introduced him into homo sexual lifestyle.

It was also learnt that after the death of Ahmed’s father, Ahmed together with his family at some point decided to go to Bamoi, Kambia District, with some high profile Islamic leaders, mosque members, family members, some senior government officials and community members to go and perform charity and reading of the Holy Quran for his late father that was well known amongst the Islamic community in Freetown and the country at large.

Abdul Akim Ahmed decided not only to support Ahmed financially but to also accompany him to Bamoi as his lover. After the charity and the reading of the Holy Quran which was held on the 24th April, 2021, Ahmed went to the guest house where he was resided with his partner and passed off the night. On the 25th of April 2021, around 9:00 PM, Aunty Amie Kamara who got a tip-off concerning the love affairs that was existing between Ahmed and his male counterpart from some family members spontaneously rushed to the guest house where the two  resided. It was also learnt that Aunty Amie who caught Ahmed and his partner red-handed having sexual intercourse was accused of leading an angry mob to teach Ahmed a caustic lesson with a view to send the message to other people that such an activity is not tolerated in their family.

While all this was going on, Ahmed sneaked through the window and went into the near bushes and escaped for his life. He was chased by the angry youths but they couldn’t found him.

Ahmed Kamara who hails from an Islamic background was not expected to practice this act especially as his father Sheik Alhaji Ibrahim Kamara was the Chief Imam of the Temne Central Mosque old field Street, Freetown.

Both national and Islamic laws totally forbid individuals from practicing such act. Community stakeholders and youth members were completely disappointed at Ahmed’s action which they noted goes contrary to their customs and traditions vowing that Ahmed must be dealt with accordingly.

According to a community stakeholder the intention of Ahmed Kamara’s family is to eliminate him because he has not only embarrassed and disgraced them but has also flouted the customs and traditions of the land and going against what the family believes in and as such was described as the black sheep of the family.

A senior police officer attached to the Kambia District Police Station Chief Superintendent Abdul Conteh told this medium that on the 25th April, 2021 at around 9: 00 PM, Ahmed Kamara was caught by a family member having a sexual affair with one Abdul Akim Ahmed. CSP Conteh said his family decided to take the law into their hands together with other community residents by physically and violently attacking Ahmed Kamara at a guest house in Bamoi but narrowly escaped.

It was also understood that this same group of irate youths stormed the entire bushes in search of Ahmed Kamara based on an intelligence they purportedly received that he was saw in the bush begging some farmers to shelter him which in actual fact turned out to be false.

Family sources informed this medium that after that unfortunate incident Ahmed escaped to an unknown destination and since then his whereabouts has remained unknown.


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