Alfred Palo Conteh to stands trial at High Court

Alfred Paolo Conteh

By Foday Moriba Conteh

Following preliminary investigation by the magistrate court in the treason trial between the State and Rtd. Major Alfred Palo Conteh, the matter will now be heard on 23 April at the High Court of Sierra Leone before Justice Momoja Stevens in Freetown.

Sources closed to the Defense Team have intimated this press that Sierra Leone could see one of the best legal brains battle on a treason trial for a very long time in its legal history.

That the defense team has been boosted by the former Vice President of Sierra Leone, former Chief Justice of the Republic of Belize and Octogenarian Lawyer, Dr  Abdulai O Conteh, former Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court, ACC Commissioner  and Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK)

That Melron Nicol – Wilson, former Defence Counsel and Case Manager at Special Court for Sierra Leone and Ombudsman and Lansana Dumbuya, Former Defense Counsel at Special Court for Sierra Leone and International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda will also join Ady Macaulay Former ACC commissioner and Lawyer Wara Serry Kamal for the Defense Counsel.

Speaking to this press, former Attorney General and Minister of Justice Joseph Kamara said that they are still discussing the defense team for the accused. “We are presenting a strong team and I believe the team will be led by the most senior lawyer and if Dr Abdulai O Conteh is in town, he may lead the team but if I am given the opportunity, I will lead the team,” Kamara stated.

However, this press was informed that Dr. Abdulai O Conteh is in town but cannot independently confirm whether he is in town for the matter.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the State will be represented by the Attorney – General and Minister of Justice Dr Princilla Schwartz as lead counsel supported by the Director of Public Prosecution Easmond Ngaqui , Adrian fisher and Veteran Prosecutor Soyei


  1. Dr Abdulai Conteh Prosecuted Late F M Minah during APC One Party rule. What goes around, comes around.
    Alfred Psolo Conteh (APC) is your turn!


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