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Alhaji Musa Tarawally’s Leadership Qualities is Spot On

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

It is now crystal clear that the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) will definitely have to find a suitable candidate to succeed its current Leader, President Julius Maada Bio prior to the 2028 electioneering year. This is indeed not a mean feat as it will require the party to go into drawing board, examine and re-examine the personalities that would have demonstrated keen interest in contesting for such a covetous position.

For the SLPP to continue to be a formidable force to reckon with and remain politically appealing in order to win the support of the vast majority of the citizenry, an individual with the requisite leadership qualities must be chosen to market the party far and wide.

Indisputably, for the SLPP to build a solid political capital certain social engineering must be thoroughly done and for that to materialize there should be a strong leader at the helm of the affairs of that party.

Providing the right leadership will definitely lead to successful outcomes which leads to the question of what is this leadership that much premium should be placed on.

According to a renowned Management Consultant, Dr. Peter Grucker, leadership is not a mere title but an ability to inspire followership. Looked at against the backdrop of having someone with the right calibre  who passionately keen on  providing solid as well as productive leadership for the party, the emergence of a well known political figure in the person of, Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawalie, within the rank and file of the SLPP, with an Agenda and Vision for the party vis-a-vis 2028 known as Agenda MT 2028, resonates well with many who see him as the suitable personality that has the leadership knack and charisma to galvanize a large followership for the party and strategically position it for the future against any form of opposition.  Many have expressed the view that he has the political clout.

Some may be tempted to ask: Why Musa Tarawally? To fairly respond to that question many factors come into play or must be taken into consideration.  Alhaji Musa Tarawally hails from Moyamba district, Southern Sierra Leone from parents who were always poised to succeed in whatever they fervently believed in, they were God fearing in their relationships as well as operationalizing various investment establishments they had across the country.

Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally was well nurtured to grow up in believing that it is only through hard that success could be achieved and to be always pious according to the tenets of their religious faith.  Indeed, over the years through sheer hard work, amidst various challenges, he has succeeded in etching an impeccable record as an accomplished businessman with an investment portfolio of over fifty million dollars with businesses in several countries, successes that are only driven by innate leadership qualities.

From what has been recently learnt so far from a cross section of Sierra Leoneans who are well acquainted with Alhaji Musa Tarawally, throughout his political life or strides he demonstrated in various ways that he is an inspiring  born leader. Most mentioned how as a politician he succeeded in positively impacting the lives of thousands of young men/women as well as the elderly not only in making them to believe in themselves but to support noble causes. His well known humanitarian gestures touched many in dire circumstances when they needed someone to lean on most.

Judging from Alhaji Musa Tarawally’s proven leadership acumen, when Agenda/Vision MT 2028 was recently announced and launched, it not only became topical but also gained a huge following and support base among SLPP supporters including the vast majority of the grassroots nationwide as well as the elites. From what was heard from a sizable number of supporters at this material point in time Sierra Leone  and the party needs someone with the leadership qualities that Hon. Tarawally possesses ; a leader with a clear vision, innovation, inspiration and entrepreneurial abilities.

According to them, Super, as Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally is fondly called, is that type of  leader-personality  with a proven record of self discipline, capable of providing coordinated strategic direction and has a natural ability of  demonstrating a perfect blend of love and magnanimity for people from all walks of life, qualities that they unanimously acknowledged  a perfect leader of modern day politics must possess.

In a candid expressed view of a Harvard trained Political Scientist, in the past Sierra Leoneans woefully failed to identify leaders that have built economic capitals for themselves through self discipline, strategic interventions and good management style. He argued that such could be the underling reason for State entrenched corruption to thrive  in various governance  structures not only in this country but in other parts  because those at the helm of leadership positions were engrossed in  trying to amass ill-gotten wealth with the passion economically secure themselves for life after their tenures, with little efforts made to genuinely wage war against the cankerworm of corruption.

Substantiating his assertion he made references to the late President Siaka Stevens, who  was only identified as a trade unionist with no self acquired financial resources that would have allowed him to spare State resources to build a prosperous political State,  the late Sir Milton Margai of blessed memory, who was a medical doctor living frugally  with no proven success of financial independence,  the late President Joseph Saidu Momoh said to have attained promotions in the military but with no financial discipline or success and the former President Ernest Koroma, who was only an insurance broker-partner cum owner of  an insurance company and nothing else.

The Political Scientist strongly contended that with Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally on the other hand, it is a different ballgame as he is not only aspiring for the biggest political office but doing so after he had successfully built himself a multinational financial base, with assets across the globe combined with political experiences, dynamism through occupying strategic positions  in State Governance all putting him at a strategic vantage position  of  bringing people together as well as driving and strengthening investor or donor confidence.

He also mentioned that one of his greatest assets is his proven humanitarianism and compassion for party members spanning over 30 years stressing how those are building blocks for anyone to achieve successes in politics. Referring to him as the man of the moment, he averred that as far as he stands as a politician cum business man he is battle tested with him coming out alive with all his men on his side. He mentioned a significant point when he said Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally knows the main opposition APC Party very well and has the precise formula to keep them in a healthy democratic opposition.

Some may be pondering, what is this Vision/Agenda MT 2028 that Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally is keen on using as a formula or strategy to galvanize SLPP supporters and position the party for success come 2028? From  what this medium so far understood , Agenda MT 2028 is geared to renew hope among SLPP supporters or members right across the country, its implementation will is to ensure that all the structures within the party should be committed in propagating the ideals of the party, work towards operationalizing  activities that will keep the party energized and prepare it for 2028.

Besides, Agenda MT 2028 is geared towards facilitating opportunities for grassroots party members backed by organized activities to strengthen the party in order for it to become united, peaceful and cohesive, even in diversity

Agenda MT 2028 hopes to drive the strong belief in President Bio’s agenda and instill that it is only through collective action that success could be achieved. It also aims at restoring hope in embittered or disillusioned party members/supporters to continue supporting the SLPP and the Presidency of HE Bio.

The Agenda will underscore that party supporters who are currently employed in various political offices should doggedly focus on delivering His Excellency’s big 5 Agenda, rather than engaging in undercover networking for leadership positions in the party.

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  1. We have four years to the next election. None of the 5 point agenda of the current SLPP administration has been achieved, and now we are here reading about secessionist. What do people take Sierra Leoneans for-dummy? Help your party and the President to meet at least one of the five point agenda highlighted for this term and maybe people will consider your party or even you. This to me is diversion from the reality of what is happening in the country.

    • I think there is nothing wrong to write about a politician who has the qualities to rule our country someday in the near future. I only will wish for a peaceful and constructive exchange of opinions prior to the next elections. Mr. Tarawally, current Chief Minister, KKY and the current SLPP Secretary General are all interesting and progressive candidates. The earlier we start talking about them the better. Greetings to you Mr. Brima


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