Alpha Jalloh threatened to be killed for practicing gay

Alpha Jalloh

By Karifa Kello Thoronka

A young Sierra Leonean by the name of Alpha Jalloh of 27yrs has been threatened to be kill by his families and some youths in their community for being involved in gay practiced in the Country. Being gay in Sierra Leone is a crime and could be punishable by law. It is also a shame to the family especially coming from a religious background like Alpha.

Speaking with Habib Conteh the Uncle of Alpha Jalloh he said he  has been seeing Alpha with some friends on several occasions whom he mostly suspected of being gay due to their attributes, he further noted that he thought their friendship was just normal friendship, not till when Alpha’s elder brother by the name of Mohamed Jalloh explained the event which he saw through peeping from the window sometimes in February 2019, where Alpha and his gay partner were making love and screaming inside a bed room in a house in the next street away from their family house.

Upon hearing this sad news by Sulaiman Jalloh the father of Alpha Jalloh who was in a meeting with community elders planning good things for the Mosque had heart attack as he was suffering from hypertension, as a result of the shameful things Alpha brought to the family. He was quickly rushed to 34 military hospital where he was admitted, Sulaiman Jalloh give up the ghost as a result of the sad news he got about Alpha his son being gay which result to heart attack and leads to his death, Mohamed narrated to press men. ‘Since then serious intimidation and discrimination has been placed on Alpha by families and the Community youths, he says.

Narrating what happens when his brother saw him through the window, his Uncle Habib Conteh says that Some family members and youths rushed into the room and grab Alpha, and he was mercilessly beaten up and also threatened to killed him, he revealed by saying that when the Police intervene they failed to protect Alpha noting that he is engaging in bad practice in the Country. The police promised him of going to jail, and later dragged him to the station. Whiles the youths and the family members also threatened him to be killed whenever they set eyes on him.

His Uncle Habib Conteh mentioned that Alpha Jalloh was taken to the police station and he was detained for about three days, after he was reported to have escaped from police detention.

Main while Alpha Jalloh’s family has vowed to disowned him as a result of his behaviour. Till press time police are still searching for Alpha Jalloh in Sierra Leone


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