Alusine Samura Escapes Lynching From Angry Youths

Caught Red-handed...

According to Investigation mounted by this medium in Calabatown, eastern Freetown, one Alusine Samura, residing at Calabatown, Freetown, narrowly escaped lynching from angry youths, after he was caught red-handed having sex with another male, Ibrahim Sesay.

According to eye-witness report, Alusine is said to have been in the company of Ibrahim Sesay for quite some time, with both of them seen on a regular basis attending clubs, bars, parties, and football matches. It was therefore shocking to discover that they were gay.

According to our source, Alusine Samura was living in a rented house in Calaba town, doing his job as a teacher and a businessman, and wash being visited regularly by his younger sister (Konie Samura). On that fateful day, his sister, Konie Samura came with her boyfriend to visit him and upon opening the door, she and her fiance caught Alusine and his male partner naked in the parlor, having sex. Shocked, her fiance raised an alarm for the youths to grab them.

Upon arrival of the angry youths in the area, Alusine and his partner managed to escape through the back door of the house.

The angry youths threatened to kill them for demonic practice in the community.

According to our investigation, Alusine was disowned by his family for the same reason and droven away. Family members spoke to confirmed that he was droven away, but refused to discuss further about him, other than that he is a disgrace to the family. They wished that he had been killed by the youths, as that would mean good riddance.

Same sex practice in Sierra Leone is illegal and denounced by both religious faiths in the country as demonic and satanic. Often, people discovered to be inclined to such practices are taken into the bush away from Communities to be treated by spiritualists, often resulting in their deaths. No one has ever been brought to the police for such reprisals against those with such sexual orientation. In some communities, even advocates are targeted for advocating for the recognition of such practices, which are described as demonic.

As we go to press, since he (Alusine Samura) left on the 2nd September 2021, the whereabouts are still unknown, and a search by youths is underway for his possible elimination from society.


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