Amadu Kargbo been threaten to be kill for choosing Islamic Religion over Primitive Secrete Societies

Amadu Kargbo.jpg
Amadu Kargbo

By Karifa Thoronka

Report reaching Calabash newspaper says that Amadu Kargbo who is the favorite son of the late Pa Alimamy Kargbo in Makeni in the Northern part of Sierra Leone has escaped for refusing to be initiated into the poro society. According to the traditional and cultural laws of Sierra Leone, Amadu Kargbo being the favorite son of his late Father Pa Alimamy Kargbo (Pa Yamba) is destined to succeed the position of his father as the Poro society member to continue the linage.

Whiles narrating the story of Amadu Kargbo one of the close family member Pa Ranka Kargbo says that Amadu Kargbo’s father had earlier informed him together with some elderly members of the poro secret society that Amadu will succeed him as the tribal head of the poro society before he died. Pa Ranka furthered noted that the 21-year-old Amadu has been a strong opposition of the   poro society as he is a fervent Muslim with a strong faith in Allah.

He further revealed that the head of the Poro Secrete Society gave a statement of threats to kill Amadu Kargbo for abandoning the tradition for Muslim Religion after knowing all the secrets in the shrine whiles trying to initiate him before he disappeared.

While explaining to the press one of the society member, who refused to mention his name, noted that Amadu Kargbo might have traversed through dangerous terrain to escape the Secret Society initiation.

Nevertheless, secret societies with political interest have cropped up periodically in Sierra Leone that politicians see it as a no go area whenever intimidation and harassments reports given by someone especially in the northern part of the Country concerning the secret societies.

Until press time the location of Amadu Kargbo is yet to be confirm by his family, whiles the society members are still searching for him.


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