Ambassador Wurie Institute of Management & Technology Holds Its First Matriculation Ceremony


By Alpha Sesay

On Saturday 3rd December, 2022, the Ambassador Wurie Institute of Management and Technology (AWIMAT) held its first Matriculation Ceremony at the institute’s premises situated on 150 Upper Philip Street, Wellington, Freetown.

The Acting Principal of the institute, Amadou Ibrahim Funna, welcomed the 300 students that have successfully gained admission into the institution, and also welcomed parents and invitees that graced the occasion.

He mentioned how the Matriculation Ceremony is very important to the students as it marks the official entry of every student into any higher institution of learning. It’s also significant because it’s a statutory gathering to formally welcome deserving and qualified candidates who were very fortunate to be offered admissions into the institution.

Mr. Funna further extended his profound thanks and appreciation to the students for choosing the AWIMAT College as first choice out of the numerous colleges and universities saying it is a clear confirmation of the confidence both the parents and students repose in them.

He continued that as Acting Principal he would like to assure the students, parents and the public that he will uphold, protect and guaranteed the peaceful stay of all students in the institution.

He also maintained that the primary objective of the matriculation programme is to acquaint students with the fundamental principles, norms, processes and culture of the institution.

“It’s these core values that will project the image of the institution as a refining centre and also a centre for acquiring knowledge,” Mr. Funna disclosed.

He continued by admonishing students of the importance of Registration stressing that students are obliged to register as it’s the first step for one to actualize his/her admission into the institution.

He maintained that one will only become a bonafide student of the institution when one has completed his/her registration process within the stipulated time frame going further to encourage students that may face challenges in the course of their registration to seek assistance from the Registration Officer or the Office of the Head of Department.

He concluded by encouraging the first batch of 300 enrolled students to abide by all the rules and regulations of the institution, participate in all activities of the institution and be fully committed to their studies in order to justify their selection to gain admission in the institution.

The Proprietor, Saidu M. Kamara, welcomed the students and parents to the matriculation ceremony. He reiterated his vision and need for the establishment of such a higher learning institution in the East-End of the capital city and also in one of the most deprived communities for that matter. He said the institution is here to primarily serve as a mechanism to train, refine and prepare students on the behaviours and soft skills needed in the corporate world.

He called on school leavers, parents and residents of the Philip Street Community and other communities to tap into this unique opportunity in sending their children to the AWIMAT College as the institution has trained and qualified lecturers drawn from various universities across the country.

He maintained that the institution is accredited by the Ministry of Tertiary Education, National Council For Technical and Other Academic  Award (N.C.T.V.A) and the Tertiary Education Commission (T.E.C) to operate with undergraduate courses.

The institution is offering Certificate and Diploma  courses like : Project Management, Purchasing and Supply Management, Tourism and Hotel Management,  Public Health , Building Technology, Electrical and Electronics , Performance Management,  Rural Sociology, Peace and Development,  Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Computer Studies, Mass Communications and many more.






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