An Apology to Justice Miatta Samba, Sierra Leone

Mahmud Tim Kargbo

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo

I hereby tender a sincere apology to the Honourable Justice Miatta Samba of the Appeals Court of the Republic of Sierra Leone for the negative effect my publication titled “Justice Redefined by Miatta Samba” caused on her person.

I sincerely regret my action and am not under any duress to tender the said apology. I would like to genuinely distance myself from a publication from in Google, in which the unidentified author said I was forced to apologise to the Honourable Justice Miatta Samba. Let me categorically state that the author of the said article never consulted my person nor did he discuss with me before he went to press. The action of the author is unprofessional and failed to meet to established principles of modern day journalism.

The whole truth of the matter was I misunderstood the judgement of her Lady Miatta Samba’s reasoning on the said article before I published it.

Therefore, I sincerely apologise to the Honourable Justice Miatta Samba and her family and the entire Judiciary including members of the Fourth Estate.






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