APC Former VP Foh, Moijue Kai Kai, Hon Shaka Musa Sama Defect to the SLPP in Pujehun

In Pujehun District, President Dr Julius Maada Bio, on the 1st April, 2023,  received more declarations from former opposition All People’s Congress (APC) former Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh, former Resident Minister South, Moijue Kaikai, and Independent Member of Parliament, Hon. Shaka Musa Sama.

Other political heavyweights in the district who declared their support for the President and his ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, SLPP, were Alhaji Ken Kamara, Mustapha Sheriff, all of the main opposition APC and others, all assuring President Bio of the highest district level votes in the general elections slated for June 24 this year.

Moijue Kaikai, who also served the last Government as Minister of Social Welfare, brought along his supporters, saying: “His Excellency, President Dr Julius Maada Bio, these are my people in Pujehun District and they are trusted supporters of mine. Today is a special and great day in the lives of residents in our district. For those of you that know me, I am that person nobody forces or tells what to do. Whatever I am doing here today is of my own free will”.

He added that he was officially declaring for the ruling SLPP because he believes in the President, whom he referred to as his brother, not because they both attended the same Holy Trinity Primary School in Pujehun Town, but because he was trustworthy and deserving of the leadership he was providing at party and Government levels.

“I want to tell all the citizens of Pujehun District, those who believe in me, those I have personally assisted and all those who believe in what I stand for and do, that henceforth my family and all of you should join me as I declare to join the SLPP with a target of reducing the APC votes in this district by more than 90 percent,” he promised.

Former Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh said, “His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio, my people of Pujehun District, I have to follow the steps of Moijue Kaikai and others. After President Bio took over the leadership of Sierra Leone, I told the nation that as State man I am taking the back seat in all political activities”.

“I am personally informing the public that the Southern, Northern, and Eastern regions of Sierra Leone have spoken and they have joined the SLPP. His Excellency President Bio, I am here to join all those who have declared their support to say rest assured that our actions and decisions to join the SLPP are sincere.

“I was the Secretary General of the APC in 2007 when they won the national elections. I was also there in 2012 when the party won the elections for the second term. But since I have personally decided to leave the APC to work with the ‘Talk and Do’ President, by the grace of God the APC will never win elections in Sierra Leone,” he said.

The Independent Member of Parliament, Honourable Shaka Musa Sama, in his declaration message said, “I am here with my constituency members to honour the call of all the good people in the SLPP who encouraged me to return to the party. Today, I am here to talk about the many good things that President Bio has done for our country, from education to women’s empowerment, protection of the girl child, taking development across the country to his open door policy for all disgruntled party members to return to their beloved party.

“Today, I am making a very important declaration. I am reiterating here as well that I am not under any pressure to take this decision. I took it willingly and with all my heart to declare for the SLPP and to support President Bio’s development agenda. I only required the consent of the Almighty Allah and my supporters in my constituency”.

In his remarks, President Julius Maada Bio, welcomed his people, saying, “I want to take this opportunity, as the leader of SLPP to welcome you all to the great party for good and positive thinking Sierra Leoneans. For me, all human beings are likely to make mistakes, but after a while, if they came to their senses and showed remorse, we should welcome them wholeheartedly.

“The good thing our brothers and their supporters have done for themselves is to come back to the party that stands for development, peace, and national cohesion. The SLPP is the only party that, when in power, takes tangible, life-changing development beyond borders. As a party, we stand for nothing but the development of Sierra Leone, which I am sure has encouraged you all to come back to your party. You are all welcome to the party, and we are praying that you will work with the district and national structures to ensure that the election in June ends before 2:00pm”.


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