APC’s Response to Hon. Mohamed Bangura’s Concerns Will Determine Party’s Future Trajectory   – Cornelius Deveaux Maintains

By Abubakarr Harding

Former National Publicity of the All People’s Congress (APC) , Cornelius Deveaux has expressed the view that the party recently refrained from petitioning the presidential election results, despite believing they were fraudulent adding that while the outcome may have received legal clearance, the party’s decision to boycott governance appears politically unwise. He said,however, Hon. Mohamed Bangura deserves recognition for upholding his duty as an elected representative to serve and protect Sierra Leone’s Constitution and laws.

He said,in a recent interview with Gbla TV Online, Hon. Mohamed Bangura outlined his reasons for rejecting the party directive to boycott governance questioning the legality of the National Advisory Committee’s (NAC) meeting, claiming that it did not comply with the new party constitution’s prescriptions, and lacked the required quorum for decision-making. According to him, the party’s National Secretary General must provide evidence to refute this claim, including meeting details, attendance, and voting records.

Deveaux said the core issue revolves around the directive to boycott governance, which lacks clear legal footing pointing out that Hon. Bangura argues that the meeting that adopted this decision was not in line with the party’s constitution, raising questions about its validity. According to Mohamed Bangura, the meeting did not constitute a quorum as required by the new party constitution, and he questions whether it was an ordinary meeting or a Special and Emergency NAC meeting, each having specific requirements for quorum and decision-making.

Furthermore, Hon. Bangura claims that elected representatives were denied the opportunity to participate in discussions regarding the governance boycott during subsequent meetings, contrary to the rights and duties outlined in the party’s constitution, Deveaux said adding how   that raises doubts about the extent of the alleged “extensive internal consultations” claimed by the party’s National Secretary General (NSG).

Another significant revelation made by Hon. Bangura, according to Deveaux, concerns alleged evidence of tampering with election results during tabulation at tallying centers. He cites an example in his home district of Karene, where votes for the SLPP were inaccurately input as 19,000 instead of 9,000. Deveaux said that disclosure adds credibility to previous allegations of vote rigging and lack of transparency during the tallying process.

He said while the party attributes its decision not to petition the presidential election to a lack of trust in the Judiciary, Hon. Bangura suggests that there may be other motives behind that choice pointing out past instances where legal actions against SLPP MPs faced obstacles, and decisions made by the Judiciary appeared influenced by the party’s leadership.

The former APC National Publicity Secretary said in conclusion, Hon. Mohamed Bangura’s refusal to comply with the party’s directive highlights significant issues. He maintains the directive lacks legal backing, lacks democratic consensus, and evidence of result tampering exists adding that unless the party can disprove these claims, Hon. Mohamed Bangura’s stance places him on the right side of history. Other elected representatives should follow his lead and prioritize their responsibilities as public servants, he suggested.

He said in light of those developments, Hon. Mohamed Bangura’s stance against the party’s directive to boycott governance is gaining attention and support as his arguments center on the need for adherence to the party’s constitution, democratic principles, and transparent electoral processes.

Deveaux stated how the APC’s National Secretary General has been called upon to provide evidence to refute Hon. Bangura’s claims about the improperly constituted meeting and the lack of democratic participation saying as the debate continues, many are looking to Hon. Bangura’s principled stand as a pivotal moment in the party’s history.

He ended saying as the situation unfolds, the APC faces scrutiny over its governance boycott directive, and its response to the concerns raised by Hon. Mohamed Bangura will determine its future trajectory.


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