Sierra Leone Police Warn Against Social Media Death Threats, Vow to Enforce Cybersecurity Act

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 issued a stern warning regarding an alarming rise in death threats on social media. These threats, directed at citizens and state functionaries, are believed to be attempts to cause insecurity, discomfort, and fear, potentially disrupting national services and development efforts.

The SLP is deeply troubled by the fact that some of these threats originate from Sierra Leoneans living abroad. However, the amplification of these messages is conducted by bloggers within the nation using various social media platforms.

According to the Cybersecurity and Crime Act of 2021, sharing information that jeopardizes national security is viewed as a severe offense, equivalent to the original authoring of such information. The SLP is urging the public to understand that this type of behavior is not protected under the rights to freedom of speech or human rights, and those guilty of the same will be met with severe legal consequences.

The SLP has reiterated its commitment to tracking, detecting, and exposing those involved in creating and disseminating harmful social media content, including death threats. The police force is equipped with the necessary resources to handle these cyber threats and ensure the security of all citizens.

The SLP assures the public of its continued vigilance and dedication to maintaining safety in Sierra Leone. The police force urges citizens to conduct their usual activities within the bounds of the law and refrain from any form of lawlessness or indiscipline.

According to them this information should serve as a warning to all involved in such malicious activities, advising them to desist immediately or face the full force of the law.


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