ARISE IIP Agreements Mark a Turning Point in President Bio’s Leadership

In the lead-up to the June 2023 Elections, a group of prominent International and African banking experts travelled to Sierra Leone via their private jets, affirming their unwavering endorsement of what has been hailed as a transformative milestone for the nation. The occasion marked their steadfast backing of two pivotal agreements inked earlier in the year between President Julius Maada Bio’s SLPP-led administration and the esteemed international investment entity, ARISE IIP.

During the groundbreaking ceremony of the Special Economic Zone at Koya Chiefdom, Northern Sierra Leone, it was considered that the gathering, was a celebration of the two momentous pacts signed: the first, in January 2023, to independently oversee Sierra Leone’s Pepel Ports and Railway assets; and the second, in March 2023, to establish, operate, and manage a dedicated manufacturing and export zone in Koya Chiefdom, the closest provincial chiefdom to Freetown. It must be noted that Koya’s strategic location along waterways leading to the Atlantic Ocean and its deep-water quays position it as a prime hub for trade and commerce.

These two agreements were hailed as so impervious to potential challenges that the aforementioned eminent bankers and financiers from around the world converged in Sierra Leone, affirming the solidity of President Maada Bio’s vision.

It would be recalled that during the inauguration of the Special Investment Zone, attended by President Bio and a group of investors, it was emphasized that for Sierra Leone to realize the full potential envisaged in those agreements, the management of Pepel Port and Railway had to seamlessly integrate with the Koya Zone.

Indisputably, His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio places immense importance on upholding watertight agreements, leaving no room for concern over unfounded speculations suggesting any intention to compromise his reputation by violating or retracting from these meticulously crafted accords for the Port and Railway management.

President Bio’s recent participation at a Rebranding Africa Conference in Brussels, where he received accolades, underscores his dedication to elevating women and empowering the youth. In light of this, it is imperative for African leaders to preserve their credibility by honoring their signed agreements as a pivotal step in rebranding Africa.
It is highly unlikely to witness if President Bio, who has garnered recognition in Brussels, will return home and inadvertently tarnish his reputation by disregarding these robust agreements.

There is the firm belief that such a self-destructive move on his part will obviously not materialize.


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