As $100 Hits Le1 Million Mark… Citizens Call for Resignation of Bank Governor & Finance Minister in Sierra Leone

Minister of Finance Jacob Jusu Saffa


Bank Governor Kelfala Kallon

By Alim Jalloh – August 1st 2019

As Sierra Leoneans continue to suffer the hike of essential commodities due to the depreciation of the Leone against the US Dollar, which is causing more hardship and suffering for the people of this country; many citizens have raised serious concerns calling on President Bio to sack the Minister of Finance Jacob Jusu Saffa and Kelfala Kallon the Bank Governor for the poor performance in handling the economy of Sierra Leone.

JJ Saffa as one of the mouthpieces of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in opposition then was known for his advocacy on ‘bread and butter issues which is of utmost priority of the layman. He used to lambast the past regime for the simple fact that they cannot control the inflation rate and promise the people of this country that when the SLPP took over governance they will stabilize the US Dollar to Le300, 000 or at least Le400,000 per $100 as against the Le700,000 during the former regime.

But it one year six months since President Bio took power, the man who used to talk about bread and butter issues for the people of this country is now taking his lunch at the Crown Bakery and other top restaurants around town forgetting all what they had promised the people of this country.

He now enjoys flying all over the world and lives in luxury with taxpayers’ money and has no time to respond to interviews as to what is happening with the economy.

Some government contractors accuse him of taking bribes before authorizing payment.

Most of his promises have now put the president under serious pressure because the public is expecting much from the New Direction.

Kelfala Kallon – an Economics professor formerly living in the US has been appointed Central Bank Governor and he has clearly stated that the cause of the depreciation of the local currency, is a result of fiscal indiscipline and corruption by the former regime.

He made lots of promises that he will use his expertise and knowledge to turn things around. And now that the US Dollar is slowly hitting the one million Leones mark, he and the Finance Minister are refusing to speak on the issue.

For this reason Sierra Leoneans are now calling on President Bio to sack these two individuals as they are not competent to handle such important portfolios within the New Direction Government.



  1. It is a disgrace that the two people appointed by Bio since he came to power has not been able to turn things around.
    In civilized society, they would expected to address the people regularly on what is happening. You don’t need to be an economist to head the finance ministry. JB Dauda and later JO Benjamin were both none economist who were able to turn a war ravaged economy to one with potential for growth during the Kabba Era.
    Granted President Kabba was intrinsically involved in all areas of his administration while Bio seems to want to be darling of foreign dignitaries even as his government is gradually crumbling. The economy is in dare need. Security is at boiling point and indiscipline is at its peak. Those who have access to Bio should tell him if he has forgotten so soon, that you are only a darling to the west when you are in governance. Bio re-election in 2023 is no longer a referendum. He has to fight for it. And his lieutenants especially his finance minister and new Foreign Minister who do not have any clue about what is happening.


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