As Deadline Looms: Sierra Leoneans Are Encouraged to Secure Biometric National ID Cards

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

As the end of March deadline is fast approaching, Sierra Leonean authorities are issuing a stern reminder to all residents that failure to comply in obtaining the Biometric ID Cards could result in non-accessibility to certain essential services as the Government will enforce a Cabinet Directive Ratified by Parliament in March 2022.

To streamline various services and bolster national security, the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) partnered with the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and the Office of National Security (ONS) and together, they implemented a directive mandating the linkage of Identification Cards—National, Non-National, and ECOWAS—with unique National Identification Numbers (NIN).

The scope of services requiring this linkage is extensive, ranging from financial transactions to educational enrollment, immigration services, and business incorporation. With the deadline looming, the urgency to obtain these ID cards cannot be overstated.

“The deadline of March 31st is non-negotiable,” emphasized government spokesperson, urging citizens to act promptly. “It is imperative for all residents, citizens, and foreign nationals alike, to secure their Biometric ID Cards.”

The rationale behind this initiative is clear: to establish a reliable means of identification for every individual within Sierra Leone’s borders, fostering consistency in personal information and bolstering national security efforts.

Law enforcement agencies are poised to enforce compliance with the directive starting April 1st, 2024. Those without the required ID cards may find themselves barred from accessing essential services and facing legal repercussions.

Additionally, specialized corporate services have been introduced for organizations and institutions. Those seeking detailed information or assistance can contact designated numbers or email addresses provided by the NCRA.

Recognizing the diverse geographic landscape of Sierra Leone, mobile registration units were deployed to remote areas, ensuring that every resident has the opportunity to obtain the necessary identification. To facilitate the registration process, numerous centres have been established nationwide. These include six specific NCRA Offices strategically located across the country, ensuring accessibility for all residents:

  1. NCRA Headquarters: 2 Walpole Street, Freetown.
    NCRA Office: 23B Off Kingharman Road, Freetown.
    3. NCRA Office: Kennedy Street, Freetown.
    4. NCRA Branch Office: 230 Lumley Road, Freetown (By the Round- About).
    5. NCRA Office: Waterloo along the Freetown Highway (Opposite the Police Station).
    6. NCRA Offices: Regional Headquarter Towns of Bo, Kenema, Makeni, and Port Loko.

It must be mentioned again that the NCRA has introduced specialized corporate services designed for organizations and institutions. For detailed information on these services, interested parties can reach out to the following contact numbers: +232-33-433-333, +232-30-500-000, +232-60-000, +232-78-221-812, or via email at

By embracing this initiative, Sierra Leoneans are not only complying with legal mandates but also contributing to the establishment of a more connected, transparent, and prosperous nation.

With the deadline fast approaching, the message is clear: obtain your Biometric ID Card before March 31st to avoid any last-minute rush or potential consequences.


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