As  Fanzone Buzzes With Gossips & Attractive Prizes… Yemi Alade Visits Housemates

Yemi Alade Visits Housemates

By Amin Kef-Ranger

Since the commencement of Housemates Salone Season 3 with the slogan, “Di Game Get Yagba, If You Nor Able Na for Pull Hand, the competitors have received visitors predominantly from the corporate world and entertainment industry. Such could be part of the plan of the organizers of the Reality TV Show, AYV Media Empire, and Africell Sierra Leone within the ambit of enhancing Youth Empowerment in the country. Indeed, the interactions between the Housemates and visiting personalities are of course influencing the former by tailoring their perceptions about certain things in life, changing concepts, and broadening horizons.

The latest among these visiting personalities is the internationally acclaimed Nigerian Afropop songstress, Yemi Alade, who while in the country to grace the 10th Africa Conference on Sexual and Health Rights decided to visit the House on the 28th June 2022 to interact with the Housemates. Yemi Alade, who is an internationally celebrated Afropop singer from Nigeria, really lit up the House as she interacted with the Housemates.

Week 6 into the Reality Show is coming to an end as eviction will be done on Sunday. Indeed, the Yagba continues as the final is getting closer with more drama, more ‘wahala’ in the big House.

With Le250M and a round trip to Dubai up for grabs it is all the more reason why support must be given to the Housemates by members of the public voting for their favorite Housemates.

Members of the public residing in Sierra Leone could either start or continue to vote via Afrimoney. To do so, they should just dial *161*10*1# with the NUMBERS of the Housemates.   For International voting it must be done via or

Voting could also be done via PayPal or Scratch card from Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) website, at:

Housemates Season 3 could be watched on AYV DStv CH 399, AYV CH 34 and YouTube channel in real-time 24/7.

The Housemates Fanzone is buzzing with gossips, interviews and quizzes. Attractive prizes are won every week and the prize winners for this week were Justice Kamara, Carltona Danner, and Aida, as each walked away with two crates of Mutzig beer.

You can also be a lucky winner by grabbing the chance to win amazing prizes too. Be on the lookout for the next question on the AYV Housemates Facebook page. Answer the question and win amazing prizes which are proudly sponsored by Mutzig.

For now all the remaining Housemates are displaying their God-Given talents, as well as most of what they have imbibed over the years in tandem with what the Show requires of them.

They are availed the opportunities to imbibe new skills, currently polishing existing ones, learning how to new things, improving on  debating skills, courting relationships, indirectly doing brand adverts, setting life targeting agendas, interacting and doing a host of others things.

These are more so brought to the fore when the Housemates are performing  assigned  tasks delegated by Sir Chief or Madam Chief and based on their outputs they will earn some points.

However, it is the number of votes that they receive from the public, through voting, which will give them additional points.

With all justification, the Reality TV  Show is serving as a learning pad or ground where all the Housemates are learning valuable skills and acquiring knowledge that are transforming them, positioning them to become role models in society to positively impact development and nation-building.

Housemates Season 3


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