As Housemates Salone Gains Pre-eminence… 4 Days to Go for Closing Date of Application Forms

Housemates Salone Season 2

By Amin Kef Sesay

The entertainment show that many have been yearning for is back. It is Housemates Salone Season 2 and its coming big on your screen via Africa Young Voices (AYV) Television Channel 34 on a twenty-four hours basis. It is a show that is meant to give viewers fun, laughter and evoke heated discussions in various public places as the episodes will soon continue to roll. For now as news of its comeback keeps spreading like wild fire so there is a corresponding mad rush from interested persons in and out of the country to secure application forms.

The qualified applicants who will successfully sail through the audition, twenty of them, will enter the House on the 14th October 2020 and these Housemates, drawn from various parts of the country and backgrounds are going to compete for the votes of viewers up to the time when the show will reach its climax during which evictions will start to take place leading to the clash of the Titans to determine to ultimate winner.

The ultimate winner will heartily and elatedly bag the whooping sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Leones (Le250M) and availed the opportunity to go on a round trip to Dubai.

However, Housemates Salone is designed in such a way that for every day any of the Housemates stays in the House, he or she becomes automatically eligible to earn one hundred thousand Leones (Le100, 000).

Currently, application forms are out and being sold for just One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Leones (Le150, 000). Payment for the application forms could be done through Afrimoney and transaction IDs will be issued to purchasers which they will then use to access the forms. The telephone number to access application forms is 088 201020 (Afrimoney number) and a ‘fast track’ for those in the diaspora is available on line. Interested persons can apply on line through Africell and AYV websites; do their videos and send them to the judges on line. Interviews will be conducted online.

And for the benefit of those in the diaspora who may want to participate in the show they may contact the following: or

The closing date for receipt of all applications is the 21st August 2020, and audition will commence in the first week of September. On 21st September 2020, auditions will close and 40 finalists will be chosen who will then battle for the final 20. The final 20 will go into the House on the 14th October 2020.

According to the organizers, this exciting Reality TV Show is put together against the backdrop of promoting Youth Empowerment. Better put into perspective, Housemates Salone encompasses providing mentorship for young aspiring Sierra Leoneans who believe that they have talents that they could showcase that will not only be sources of entertainment for viewers but provide valuable insights as to the everyday behavioural patterns of young people living together.

However, the most important aspect of the Reality TV Show is that it will serve as a conduit through which the Housemates will be taken through  mental and physical exercises that will end up to mould and shape their characters. They stand to benefit from being guided to be motivational speakers, to think critically as well as rationally, how to healthily interact, how to solve problems, to cook, to sing, dance, control emotions and stress. They will have the opportunity to learn from what visiting guests from certain corporate institutions will teach them, learn how to play games and a host of other things that are aligned to coping mechanisms in life.

If it could be succinctly put in other words, Housemates Salone could be liken to a refinery where the competitors will go through life overhauling experiences to such an extent that life after Housemates Salone will be completely positively different for them.

Another good thing about the show is that it will put all the Housemates in the spotlight as the Reality TV Show will be watched by many in and out of the country. People will come to know them, the talents that they have and what they are capable of doing. The show could be a window of opportunity for the Housemates as some people out there could be interested in tapping the talents that they have seen displayed which could end up in changing their fortunes for life. Indeed something has to start somewhere!

This is a rare opportunity for young people who have the conviction that they have all what it takes to grab the mouth-watering winning prize of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Leones and a round trip to Dubai. That is all the more reason why it is high time to try and secure an application form as time flies.

Housemates Salone Season 2 is indeed back and set to be truly entertaining and unforgettable.


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