As it Embraces Cashless Energy Pass Card… NP (SL) Lands Over 10 million Litres of Fuel, Easing Potential Crisis

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By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) Limited has made a timely and substantial importation of 7.4 metric tonnes of fuel, equivalent to over 10 million litres, through the arrival of MT Seaways Juju at the company’s Kissy Terminal in Freetown. This significant fuel influx is poised to alleviate the looming fuel crisis and the prolonged queues witnessed at Filling Stations nationwide.

Renowned as the foremost petroleum marketing company in the country, NP (SL) has demonstrated unwavering sustainability in its business dealings, particularly evident during this critical period of fuel scarcity. Amidst the shortage, NP (SL) remained steadfast in operations, with its Filling Stations being the sole fuel providers across the nation, a testament to its reliability as a business partner.

NP (SL)’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond operational resilience to innovative customer-centric solutions. Recently, the company introduced the pilot phase of its Access and Energy Pass Card, aiming to revolutionize fueling experiences and promote cashless transactions. This cutting-edge smart card enhances access and efficiency in energy management systems while ensuring seamless fuel distribution nationwide.

The NP Energy Pass Card, equipped with user-friendly features and robust security protocols offers both online and offline usability. Notably, it provides real-time transaction updates via SMS, ensuring transparency and accountability in every fuel purchase. Customers can conveniently recharge their cards at designated stations or the Head Office and even reverse transactions if needed, with stringent security measures in place to safeguard user information.

Termed “FUBU” (For Us, By Us), this initiative underscores NP’s commitment to embracing a cashless future and addressing consumer needs identified through stakeholder consultations. The Access and Energy Pass Card empowers customers to fuel their vehicles independently, eliminating the need for pump attendants and streamlining operations for station owners.

With its comprehensive features and seamless integration with customers’ mobile numbers, the Access and Energy Pass Card promises efficiency, transparency, and unparalleled convenience in fuel transactions. Station owners also stand to benefit from streamlined financial operations, with direct credits to their bank accounts for transactions made through the card.

The launch of the Access and Energy Pass Card heralds a new era in the fuel industry, with NP Sierra Leone leading the charge towards a more efficient and customer-centric future. As the premier oil marketing company in the country, NP (SL) not only addresses immediate fuel shortages but also prioritizes customer satisfaction at the core of its business operations.

Bringing in 7.4 metric tonnes of fuel, equivalent to over 10 million liters, during this critical period of apparent fuel scarcity, demonstrates that NP (SL) Ltd stands as the leading oil marketing company in the nation, prioritizing customer satisfaction at the core of its business endeavors.


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