As PRO Rubbishes Baseless Castigation… G-Shankerdas & Sons Gives Deceased Worker Befitting Burial


By Edward Vamboi

In response to a wild but unanimous claim from certain quarters that the Management of G Shankerdas & Sons, a long-time producer of beverage products, water tanks and other products  neglected one of its workers, Patrick Sam, who was involved in an accident while on duty resulting to his ultimate death on 3 January, 2020 at the Connaught Hospital, the Public Relations Officer of the company ,Reverend Sawyer has strongly pointed out that such is not true concluding that it is not only baseless but totally unfounded .

The said baseless claim alleged that the death of the late worker was caused as a result of negligence on the part of the company which they say failed to take full responsibility after the accident had occurred. It was further alleged that the company only gave one million Leones to the late man for his hospital bills after the accident.

According to Reverend Sawyer, indeed the late man was an employee of the company who was repairing a faulty tank at the residence of one of their customers when the tank exploded.

He said that the explosion left the late man with severe injuries that later resulted to his death at the Connaught hospital.

The PRO categorically pointed out that the company did not only take full responsibility of the late man’s hospital bills at the Connaught Hospital but also was in constant touch with his family throughout the period he was hospitalized.

“Members of staff  paid him regular visits at the Connaught hospital throughout the period he was admitted,” Reverend Sawyer disclosed adding that the company did all what it could to save Patrick Sam’s life but God took him away.

He went on to register that even the burial ceremony of the late man was fully taken care of by the company.

Engaging family members of the late Patrick Sam they also refuted the false claim saying that they wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts made by the company before and after the death of their son.

‘‘G Shankerdas did all it could to save our son’s life but God took him away which is no fault of the company because God gives and takes away,’’ the family members maintained adding that it is totally for anyone to accuse the company of negligence.



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