At Correctional Centre… African Vision USA Offers Food/Message To Female & Male Inmates


On Friday 27th December 2019, members of the African Vision Organisation, based in the United States of America visited inmates at the Female Correctional Centre at New England Ville in Freetown and delivered the Christian gospel and food items to them as part of their vision to reach the vulnerable and needy during this festive season and make them feel as part of society and cared for.

Speaking to the inmates, who are classed into various categories, namely: those already convicted and serving time; those awaiting trials (remand) and those already attending trials, the President of the Organisation, Mrs Warrah George, disclosed that they are a charitable, Christian based organisation formed in the USA. She told them that she had a calling from God to visit the correctional facility, give succour to the needy and less privileged and vulnerable children. She admonished them to hold fast to God and turn from their wicked way, underscoring that their presence in the facility may be as a result of some mistakes done in life and does not mean that God has forsaken them, but rather that the Almighty is mindful of them as he loves everyone and wants people to come to him and enjoy the life he offers them. She encouraged them to put their hope and trust in Jesus.

Madam Warrah George read from the book of Isaiah Chapter 61 from the first verse, stressing that we have all in one way or another deviated from the path of God and He is determined to bring us back to his fold. She encouraged the inmates to show love to each other and resist all that is evil. She further encouraged those who will be discharged to turn from their old ways and embrace God’s path, and to those who are yet to continue their term, she told them to have hope and not to give up in life.

Similar message was given to some 99 inmates (male) at the reintegration section in the facility and prayers were said for them for the remission of sins and a change in their lives for the better. They were admonished to stay away from same sex, which is the common temptation experienced in male correctional facilities. The organisation then distributed food items to every inmate: 61 in the female section and 99 in the male reintegration section.

Vice President of the organisation, Mr Thomas George told journalists that African Vision Organisation was formed by an American Lady, Valerie Jones, whose passion for Africa motivated her to galvanise interested people to form the group. She later handed over the organisation to Mr and Mrs Thomas George. Since that moment, they have been holding the fort and are determined to work in Sierra Leone, especially as they are from Sierra Leone. Their presence at the Correctional facility, Madam George said, is a dream come true, as it focuses on bringing the gospel to Africa. She intimated that they will be visiting the Children’s Hospital Cottage at Fourah Bay Road and will be meeting with vulnerable people like beggars, homeless and street kids and youths.

The ceremony was climaxed by the distribution of food among the inmates and group photo of the organisation’s membership.


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