Autism Consortium Launches Fundraising Initiatives to Empower Persons with the Disability

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By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing support and raising awareness for individuals with autism in Sierra Leone, the Autism Consortium, a coalition comprising four local autism organizations, is spearheading a series of events and fundraising activities. The consortium, comprising Junior’s Place of Hope, Life of an Autistic Mum, Puzzle Pieces and Sierra Leone Autistic Society, launched their efforts on Saturday, April 20th, 2024, with a walk and various fundraising initiatives aimed at empowering those affected by the disability.

The primary focus of the consortium is to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) while also generating funds to support individuals with autism, their families, caregivers, educators, and schools.

Their multifaceted approach includes projects like the Kids Club and Skills Training Center with the aim to assist children and young people with autism to acquire essential skills for integration into society.

Recognizing the critical importance of early intervention the organization stresses the need for support from parents and the community to ensure the well-being and development of individuals with autism.

One significant project launched by the consortium is the establishment of a special education school catering to children with autism and other special needs who require additional care and attention. The school not only provides education but also empowers parents and caregivers to create nurturing environments conducive to the holistic development of these individuals, enabling them to reach their full potentials.

Members of the Autism Consortium emphasize the urgent need for increased awareness and understanding of autism within the Sierra Leonean society. They highlighted the importance of combating stigma to ensure that individuals with autism have equal access to education and social opportunities like any other children or young persons. By addressing the needs of individuals with autism at a young age, the consortium believes they can facilitate positive outcomes in adulthood.

In an interview, Mary Penn, a representative of the consortium, stressed the importance of changing perceptions about autism. She emphasized that autistic children should not be vilified or mocked but rather be embraced and cared for like any other children.

Mary also highlighted the collaborative efforts and ongoing services dedicated to supporting individuals with autism and working towards their inclusion and well-being in the Sierra Leonean society. She affirmed the organization’s commitment to providing continued services and advocating for the rights and needs of individuals affected by autism in the country.

The Autism Consortium’s endeavours represent a significant step forward in Sierra Leone’s efforts to support individuals with autism and foster a more inclusive society. Through their collective action and unwavering dedication, they are paving the way for a brighter future for individuals with autism and their families in Sierra Leone.


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