Babadi Kamara Continues to Excel as Sole Govt. Timber Export Agent

    Babadi Kamara

    By Amin Kef Sesay

    Indisputably, it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubts that hard work and sincerity pay fruitful dividends. This medium is of the view that the sole Government agent for the exportation of timber in this country, Babadi Kamara possesses those important attributes.

    This perfect gentleman has excelled in his vocation so remarkably well to such an extent that he has gained widespread recognition and respect.

    In June 2018 President Bio appointed him as the sole agent of the Government in respect of timber export. Babadi, after his appointment proved beyond all reasonable doubts that he is indeed capable to undertake the task and he showed the whole world that this country will benefit immensely from timber exportation.

    Contrary to baseless castigations by certain saboteurs against this result-oriented personality a release from State House dated 20th February, 2020 stated how the Government is satisfied with the way Babadi had carried out his mandate .The release quoted the staggering amounts that have so far been generated from the exports of timber . “A total of US $ 37,050,000 has been realized from the levies on the export of 13,000 containers of timber and US $ 90,000 recouped from previous exporters being payment for cities. Out of these amounts, US 4,640,000 have been raised for reforestation and US $32,500,000 transferred to the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The US $ 32,500,000 has been part of the budgetary resources used to finance Government programmes,” the release highlighted.

    Very much appreciative with the transparent manner in which Babadi carried out his responsibility and impressed with the staggering financial returns in revenue from the arena, the release noted that the President was pleased to reappoint Mr Babadi Kamara of Leadway Trading Company, Sierra Leone Limited, to continue serving as the Sole Government Agent for the export of timber.

    One thing that is very certain is that his reappointment by President Bio will not in any way make this pragmatic entrepreneur to rest on his oars but rather he will continue to raise the bar high and do more to the very advantage of the country.

    He will continue to be very proactive and productive.




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