Baptist Convention Launches 50th Anniversary Celebrations, Awaits Golden Jubilee in April

By Erica Ruth Bangura

In a vibrant kick-off to their 50th-anniversary festivities, the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone (BCSL) has officially launched a series of events leading up to their Golden Jubilee in April. The ceremonial launch, held on December 30th, 2023, was a jubilant beginning to what promises to be a memorable celebration.

With a mix of nostalgia and enthusiasm, the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone initiated the countdown to its 50th-anniversary Golden Jubilee. The event, graced by the Executive President of the Baptist Convention and other high-profile personalities, marked the official start of what is anticipated to be a significant milestone in the Convention’s history.

Rev. Dr. Joseph Samuel Fornah, the Executive President of BCSL, set the tone by expressing his conviction that the Convention’s journey, set to reach its half-century milestone in April, was divinely orchestrated. Even before the formal celebrations commence, he emphasized the deep satisfaction derived from the Convention’s profound impact on countless lives.

The launch resonated with heartfelt testimonies, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of the Baptist Convention. Testifiers, particularly from Mambolo, shared stories of humble beginnings transcended by the Convention’s unwavering support, foreshadowing a series of narratives that will unfold throughout the anniversary celebrations.

A compelling call to action echoed through the testimonies, urging members to contribute willingly to the Convention’s upcoming festivities. A testifier recalled receiving a letter requesting his presence, highlighting his steadfast commitment to giving back willingly in acknowledgment of the Convention’s instrumental role in shaping his life.

The launch also featured a powerful narrative from a beneficiary of Baptist education, Madam Grace Kargbo, who shared her journey from academic success to community impact. Her story exemplified the Convention’s dedication to nurturing leaders who contribute positively to Sierra Leonean society.

The President emphasized divine intervention throughout the Convention’s 50-year history and announced the relocation of the BCSL office to Lunsar in anticipation of the Golden Jubilee. This move, despite challenges from past conflicts, symbolizes the Convention’s resilience and unwavering commitment to its mission.

Highlighting upcoming milestones, the President showcased ongoing construction projects, including a multi-purpose building set for completion before the Golden Jubilee. The Golden Jubilee House, a personal project undertaken by the President and his family, symbolizes gratitude to God for 50 years of blessings.

Various Baptist congregations pledged their commitment through building projects, showing appreciation for all the Lord has done in their different congregations. Several churches are putting up these structures in honor of their past Senior Reverends who have labored and toiled in God’s vineyard. Emmanuel Baptist Kingtom building is in honor of the late Rev. Dr. Sylvanus O. Valcarcel, Wilberforce Baptist in honor of Rev. Sam Sesay, Loko Baptist in honor of the late Rev K.S Kamara, Bethany Baptist, and Regent Road Baptist in honor of Rev. Tani B. Johnson for being the longest-serving pastor in the mission’s oldest church.

These collective efforts underscore the Convention’s unity and dedication to furthering its mission.


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