Big Sister Sierra Leone Season 2 Gains Momentum

As ZedZee & Orange (SL) Partners…


By Foday Moriba Conteh

It has been reliably learnt that ZedZee Multi Media Consult and Orange SL will be presenting Big Sister Season 2 with the theme “No Woman, No Cry”.  Based on feedbacks we received, the last all-female show in 2018 registered a huge success with a viewership of over 7 million in and out of the country.

Furthermore, the participants in that show got endorsement from celebrities from different parts of the world and brought out typically Sierra Leonean behavior patterns and the show offered the opportunity for indigenes and outsiders to take stock of those patterns.

This medium understood that “Big Sister Season 2 is taking the race farther afield, with seven countries, namely Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone providing scouting platforms. 25 women from any part of the globe will be selected in these scouting countries to compete for the cash prize, $50,000.

“This forthcoming show will last for seven weeks, during which every week will see the crowning of a new Mammy Na Power after a leadership struggle called the Madam Yoko Drama,” one of the organizers intimated this medium furthering how the setting will depict an African ambience, in a way that glosses the continent’s rich heritage.

She disclosed that women of all nationalities may apply only they would have to audition in person in one of the scouting countries maintaining how applications and auditions can also be made online and on our Mobile App, especially for applicants from outside the scouting countries.

In an exclusive interview with Zainab Sheriff, who heads ZedZee Multi-Media, she revealed how local and international partners have joined ZedZee and Orange to bring the show to home screens, radios as well as computers and phones through the Big Sister website and Mobile App. She informed that forms will be sold at Le100,000 or $10 at various locations across the country.

The charming and ideas-packed Zainab Sheriff succinctly stated:

“Empowering young women for self-advancement is the impulse behind the Big Sister empowerment show, and Season 2 is meant to propel that energy a little further. The show gives the aspiring women the platform to be seen and be heard, in a way that entertains and educate as much as it empowers.

It inspires the notion that women should stay in the loop despite their material circumstances. No woman should remain condemned to the oppressive conditions of modern day society, hence the theme: No Woman! No Cry.”

She ended up saying Big Sister Season 2 will be launched at the Bintumani Conference Centre on 25th October, 2019.


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