BLK Super Specialty Hospital India forges Partnership with Joint Medical Unit of 34 Military Hospital

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

BLK Super Speciality Hospital in India has forged a groundbreaking partnership with the Joint Medical Unit of the 34 Military Hospital in Sierra Leone, leading to the successful conduct of a transformative Medical Camp. The collaboration aims at strengthening the bond between the two hospitals and to enhance medical care in the region.

Colonel Dr. Stephen Sevalie, providing an overview of the Medical Camp, expressed satisfaction with the strong relationship that has been established between BLK Max Hospital and the 34 Military Hospital over the years.

The collaboration, he revealed, has resulted in numerous patients being treated in India, contributing to the strengthening of ties between the medical institutions.

With support from the Management and the Office of the First Lady, the 34 Military Hospital has expanded its capacity with the addition of 150 hospital beds, and further development is ongoing. However, Colonel Dr. Stephen Sevalie emphasized that the shortage of human resources remains a significant challenge. He expressed hope that the partnership would facilitate specialized management, optimize public-private partnerships, introduce mentorship programs for staff, provide specialist training and enable joint management of complex cases.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sartie M. Kenneh, conveyed his delight for the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of having specialist doctors come to Sierra Leone from BLK Max Hospital in India. Dr. Kenneh highlighted that such partnerships would reduce the financial burden on the Government, as citizens would no longer need to seek medical attention outside the country. He emphasized the nation’s need for 5000 more medical doctors and the construction of additional medical schools to meet healthcare demands.

The Medical Camp saw the participation of distinguished medical professionals from BLK Max Super Speciality Hospital, including Dr. Ishwar Bohra, a Senior Orthopedic Consultant with expertise in Hip & Knee Joint Replacement and joint preservation surgeries. Dr. Bohra’s primary area of research includes knee, shoulder, and hip diseases. The medical team led by Dr. Bohra diagnosed various diseases prevalent in Sierra Leone, ranging from trauma, knee and hip conditions, bone disorders, infertility, to brain tumors. Throughout their 3-day stay, they were dedicated to treating thousands of patients, offering specialized medical interventions.

Another prominent expert present at the Medical Camp was Dr. Yajvender Pratap Singh Rana, a leading name in the field of Urology and renal transplantation. Dr. Rana has performed over 1000 uro oncology cases, including Robotic Radical Prostatectomy.

The Deputy Minister of Defence, Murana Massaquio, expressed pride in the future establishment of a Paramedical College by the RSLAF within the next 12 months. He emphasized that the Medical Camp aimed to provide advanced medical interventions to RSLAF personnel, retirees, and the public.

The Medical Camp, held at the 34 Military Hospital from July 20th to 23rd, 2023, featured specialized treatments in Orthopedic, Urology, Kidney Transplant, Neuro Surgery, and Neuro Spine, delivered by experts from BLK Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, India. The camp operated daily from 10 am to 3 pm.

Additionally, a one-day Medical Training event took place at the Lagoonda Suite Hotel in Aberdeen, Freetown, catering to Sierra Leonean Doctors, Physicians, and Medical Practitioners. During the training, the three expert specialist doctors showcased their cutting-edge medical techniques, including the use of the advanced technology medical instrument, the Robotic Radical Prostatectomy.

The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session and a group photo, marking the successful collaboration between BLK Super Speciality Hospital India and the Joint Medical Unit 34 Military Hospital in Sierra Leone, a significant step forward in enhancing healthcare accessibility and expertise in the region.


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