Blue Crest College Gets NCTVA Blessing


By Abubakar Harding 

In what can be described as a blessing, the Blue Crest College Sierra Leone (BCCSL) on Thursday 30th March, 2023 received re-accreditation certificate from the National Council for Technical Vocational and other Awards (NCTVA), for the period 2022-2025.

The auspicious presentation ceremony took place at the BCCSL campus, 77 Wilkinson Road, Freetown. Present at the event was the BCCSL Rector and Principal, Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Dr. Abdul Babatunde Karim NCTVA Chairman, Komba Moiwa Accreditation Officer, Papa Njai MMTU Technical Adviser for Blue Crest College, Mrs. Bannister, a cross-section of students of the college and members of the press.

Before presenting the re-accreditation certificate to the Principal of the college, Dr. Abdul Babatunde Karim NCTVA Chairman took time to explain the importance of accreditation and why colleges need to ensure that they are accredited. He warned that colleges who do not meet the specifications of the NCTVA stand the risk of not being accredited or shut down. He commended the BCCSL Principal, Dr. Kumar for being obedient to the laws of Sierra Leone and for ensuring that he is in top form when it comes to performing his role as Rector and Principal.

Receiving the certificate of re-accreditation, Dr. Kumar thanked God, the NCTVA and the Government of Sierra Leone for the cooperation and support BlueCrest has received since 2014 when they established the college lead by Mr. Dev Varyani, Group Chairman . He informed his audience that the BCCSL is all about giving the best education to students for them to be able to make the best of life after graduation. He used the opportunity to commend the students for being cooperative and for studying hard to make the best of the tuition they are getting from the college.

Other speakers including Komba Moiwa Accreditation Officer and Papa Njai MMTU Technical Adviser for Blue Crest College made similar sentiments, reminding the students that they have a role to play in studying and obeying the rules and regulations of the college. They also commended the college administration for emerging as one of the first colleges which pride itself in constantly complying with accreditation rules and practices.

See next edition for more on Blue Crest College Sierra Leone.


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