Bockarie Kalokoh Nominated in Washington as Steering Committee Member by Coalition of Finance Ministers

Deputy Minister of Finance, Bockarie Kalokoh.jpg

By Brima Sannoh

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Bockarie Kalokoh, emerged as a key figure at the First Forum on Macroeconomics of Green Transitions held from April 22 to 23, 2024, in Washington, D.C. The event, co-hosted by the United States Department of the Treasury, the Danish Finance Ministry, the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Change, and the Bezos Earth Fund, convened global policymakers, economic experts, and analysts to address pressing climate issues.

At the heart of the discussions was the imperative for Finance Ministries worldwide to enhance their capacity in tackling climate-related challenges and to develop effective analytical tools for informed decision-making. Bockarie Kalokoh, overseeing Climate Finance and Innovative Financing at Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Finance, was a prominent voice representing African perspectives in this critical dialogue.

In his contributions, the Deputy Minister shed light on Sierra Leone’s approaches to climate analysis and impact forecasting, underscoring the importance of robust frameworks for climate expenditure integration within public financial management. He emphasized ongoing collaborations with international partners, such as the World Bank and the FCDO of the UK Government, to strengthen Sierra Leone’s climate resilience.

Of particular note was his advocacy for the establishment of a climate budget tagging framework and a carbon market framework, for which Sierra Leone seeks technical assistance from development partners like the World Bank and the IMF. These initiatives align with the country’s broader efforts to mobilize climate finance and foster sustainable development.

Bockarie Kalokoh’s insights extended to high-level panel discussions, where he articulated Sierra Leone’s analytical needs and highlighted the significance of political and technical leadership in addressing climate risks and driving investments in adaptation and resilience across Africa.

Recognizing his visionary contributions, the U.S. Department of Treasury, Danish Ministry of Finance, and the Coalition of Finance Ministers nominated him to serve as a Steering Committee member, underscoring his pivotal role in advancing Africa’s climate agenda in alignment with the Helsinki Principles for Climate Action.

In addition to his engagements at the forum, Hon. Bockarie Kalokoh also made a courtesy call to the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Washington, D.C., where he exchanged insights with Embassy officials, further reinforcing Sierra Leone’s commitment to global climate action.

The active participation of leaders like Bockarie Kalokoh underscores the urgency and collaborative spirit required to navigate the complex challenges of climate change on a global scale. As nations strive to build more resilient and sustainable futures, forums like these serve as vital platforms for knowledge exchange and collective action.


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