Borbor Hangha Jalloh Declared Wanted for Practising Gay

Borbor Hangha Jalloh in trouble with the law

By Fatmata Jengbe

It has been confirmed that one Borbor Hangha Jalloh is now on the run after being accused of being involved in alleged gay activity.

Police sources say, Jalloh was caught making love with his male  friend Wayne Cupido at his uncle’s residence on the night of January 3rd 2019.

The country’s laws state that any one arrested, charged to court and found guilty for acts related to gayism will face life imprisonment with hard labour.

His uncle Muctarr Kallay who returned to the house immediately after the Muslim night prayers heard some one screening in his nephew’s room. He later realized that Jalloh was making love with his male friend Wayne Cupido contrary to national, traditional and religious laws in the country. He raised an alarmed that attracted the attention of neighbours and other relatives.

Jalloh according to report thought that as a matured man he has the right to do anything to satisfy his sexual desire irrespective of religious and  traditional beliefs and national laws governing Sierra Leone.

A community leader Pa Komeh told this medium that after the alarm, some young people rushed to the said room and  started pushing the door to enter the room.

This development Pa Komeh said prompted Wayne Cupido to jump through the window to save his life. Jalloh later opened the door after serious argument ensued  between himself and the youths.

The Chairlady of the Community, Leticia Vandy said  the youths who entered the room started manhandling Jalloh with anything they could lay hands on including sticks and in the process blood started oozing from his head and nose.

The Youth Leader Lansana Koroma accused Jalloh of  violating the laws of the land and threatened to report him to the nearest police station.

The Youth Leader said before their arrival to the police station, they received a report that  one of the elders in the community Chief Foday Conteh  has suffered heart attack and needed to be rushed to the Kenema Government hospital for urgent medical treatment.

She said while the people where working hard to secure a vehicle to take the sick Chief to the hospital, Jalloh escaped with the support of his friend Abdul Sesay  to an unknown destination.


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