Brewery Unveils Zagg Energy and Maltina Pineapple Drinks


By Foday Moriba Conteh

During a well-attended ceremony held on Friday 24th November, 2023 at the Wellington Industrial Estate in the East End of Freetown, Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, a key player in the manufacturing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages unveiled two new and exciting additions to its product line-up, Zagg Energy drink and Maltina Flavored drink.

Corporate Affairs Manager for Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, Foday Daboh, in his statement expressed commitment on the part of the company to innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Daboh underscored the company’s dedication to meeting the changing needs and demands of consumers in the country, maintaining how they do recognize the evolving landscape of the beverage industry. He furthered that the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited aims to continuously innovate and deliver products that resonate with its customers pointing out how these two non-alcoholic beverages are a testament to that commitment.

The Zagg Energy drink, according to him, is crafted to fuel the body and invigorate the senses, adding that it is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients, revealing also that it aims to provide a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks, ensuring consumers have the much-needed boost to navigate their busy schedules and days.

He intimated how in addition to Zagg, the company is also introducing the Maltina Pineapple Flavored drink, building upon the success of the beloved Maltina brand in the country, stressing that the new flavor added to Maltina is designed to tantalize taste buds and offer a delightful and non-alcoholic beverage option for consumers.

Daboh highlighted the company’s focus on quality, innovation, and meeting consumers’ demands which set them apart in the beverage industry, expressing gratitude for the trust and support Sierra Leoneans have placed in the company over the years.

He concluded by inviting all to experience the taste, quality, and innovation of Zagg Energy Drink and Maltina Flavored drink. The corporate affairs manager expressed enthusiasm for the exciting new chapter and the company’s ongoing commitment to raising the bar in the beverage industry.

On his part, the Marketing Manager, Olufunmilayo Ogunbodede, officially introduced the two ground-breaking additions to the company’s beverage line-up: Zagg Energy and Maltina Pineapple Flavour.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Ogunbodede expressed gratitude for the presence of the attendees, highlighting the honor of unveiling products that promise to redefine the energy and malt drink landscape in the Sierra Leonean market.

She addressed the societal inclination towards limiting choices, emphasizing the company’s commitment to challenging norms and introducing products that break away from conventional expectations. Non-conformity, she noted, is the foundation of success, and SLBL stands as a testament to that philosophy.

Both Zagg and Maltina Pineapple, according to Ms. Ogunbodede, represent distinction and dynamism adding that SLBL, known for prioritizing consumer satisfaction, has crafted these additions with the consumers’ well-being and preferences in mind.

Zagg Energy Drink, she explained, is designed to not only provide the required energy but also offer all-round nourishment that stimulates consumers mentally, physically, and otherwise.

“With a smooth taste, Zagg aims to strike a balance between nourishment and energy, positioning itself as the foremost energy drink in Sierra Leone that prioritizes health and goodness,” she said saying likewise, the Maltina Pineapple Flavour, an extension of the beloved Maltina brand, brings variety to the market, catering to diverse tastes and lifestyle needs as its flavored variant injects excitement into the category aiming to remain the undisputed number 1 malt drink in the country.

Ms. Ogunbodede concluded by inviting the Managing Director of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, Mr. Laurent Nsenda Bukasa, to officially unveil both the  Zagg Energy and Maltina Pineapple Flavoured drinks.

The event marked a significant milestone for SLBL, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction as industry stakeholders, media representatives, and dignitaries gathered to witness the unveiling of these two masterpieces, anticipating their impact on the Sierra Leonean beverage market.


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