Brotherhood of Cross & Star Church Champions Global Peace Amidst Conflicts

By Alpha Sesay (Pen Pusher)

In a world where there are conflicts in some regions, the importance of fostering peace has become an urgent need. As Sierra Leone has endured the horrors of war and is currently somehow grappling with political instability, it is no exception to peace enhancement and consolidation.

It was against such a backdrop that the Brotherhood of Cross and Star Church, on December 7, 2023, hosted a Press Briefing at its main branch in Mayenkineh, Calaba Town in Freetown, Sierra Leone on the theme: “The Role of Peace in Healing the Fractured World.”

The Brotherhood’s spokesperson, Patriarch Christ Shepherd Amah Williams, intimated journalists about the Holy Father of the Brotherhood, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu further underlining that the aim of the engagement bordered on communicating the divine message of peace and unity to the Government and people of Sierra Leone and beyond.

According to Williams, the Brotherhood of Cross and Star Church is serving as a Universal Divine institution that is advocating for Universal Love, Peace, Unity, Truth, and Righteousness in The Holy Spirit. According to him, their teachings are grounded in the principles of “Our Lord Jesus Christ as presented in the Holy Bible”.

He added that the Brotherhood, also known as the Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity, has its World Headquarters in Calaba, Cross River State in Nigeria.

Patriarch Christ Shepherd Amah Williams said there is the need to inform not only Sierra Leone but also the world about the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, and to enlighten all about the path to enduring peace as instructed by their Leader, Olumba Olumba Obu.

Williams further emphasized that Obu’s message contains an admonition to all Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of ethnic or cultural backgrounds, to abandon violence, forgive one another and embrace peace and unity. He also revealed how Olumba Olumba Obu is urging leaders and citizens alike to transcend ethnic and religious biases, corruption and to embrace unity and love instead.

“Violence, killings or agitation will not solve any problem,” Williams cautioned saying “Once love is practiced, all problems could be solved.”

The spokesperson stressed that their message, which is rooted in Biblical prophecies, transcends religion and is applicable to all also calling on the Press to disseminate this message via their respective media platforms.

He concluded by conveying their leader’s plea for an end to hate, racial discrimination, and religious debates also emphasizing that God’s teachings, as interpreted by Obu, hold the solutions to humanity’s challenges and recommended that all Africans, particularly Sierra Leoneans, must accept that truth.

The spokesperson concluded by underscoring that unless world leaders embrace the divine concepts of unity and the worship of one God as propagated by their leader, Olumba Olumba Obu, mankind will continue to struggle.

He extended the Holy Father’s best wishes to the Government and People of Sierra Leone calling for humility and unity in the wake of the recent elections.

Known as a non-denominational, non-sectional and non-governmental organization, the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Church’s teachings are based on those of Jesus Christ as found in the Holy Bible with headquarters on No. 34 Ambo Street, Calaba, Cross River State in Nigeria.


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