Caritas Freetown Empowers Youth to Train Peers in Civic Education & Peace Building

Caritas Freetown.png

By Millicent Senava Mannah

In a bid to put their newfound knowledge into action, young beneficiaries from Kolleh Town and Brookfields have taken up the mantle of training their peers following a rigorous two-day Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop organized by Caritas Freetown. The workshop focused on Civic and Peace Education Training, aiming to equip participants with essential leadership skills and an understanding of civic responsibilities.

Eliza Sillah, in providing an overview of the workshop, highlighted that the training encompassed leadership, civic education and peace-building concepts. Participants were furnished with a comprehensive manual to aid them in effectively disseminating the acquired knowledge to others in their communities.

The primary objectives of the training included fostering an understanding of leadership dynamics, familiarizing participants with civic principles and elucidating the role of young people in democracy. She emphasized that the manual was meticulously crafted to guide Facilitators in conducting participatory workshops on leadership, civic education, and peace-building.

Alisha Dumbuya, a Facilitator from the Brookfields Community, underscored the significance of imparting knowledge gained from the workshop to fellow youth. She noted that while their community had maintained peace, many lacked awareness of their civic rights and responsibilities, as well as criteria for selecting capable leaders.

Similarly, Sama Pessima, another Facilitator from Kolleh Town, expressed optimism about spreading the acquired knowledge to a wider audience. He stressed the importance of empowering fellow youth with the skills necessary for constructive civic engagement.

Alhaji Yellow Mansaray, a stakeholder from Brookfields, lauded the workshop for enlightening participants on leadership qualities and selection criteria. He pledged to serve as an ambassador, sharing the insights gained with others in the community.

Mariatu Turay, a youth participant from Kolleh Town, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn about rights, responsibilities, and leadership criteria. She commended her peers for their dedication and thanked Caritas Freetown for facilitating the transformative training.

The training sessions culminated in group activities and presentations, demonstrating participants’ understanding and commitment. They lauded Caritas Freetown for the timely initiative and expressed hope for continued collaboration in the future.


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